Tools I use in my biz to uplevel productivity

Let’s flashback to my productivity beginnings.

Most people don’t know this, but I started my entrepreneurial journey as a nutritionist and yoga instructor for entrepreneurs. I LOVED my business but hated feeling like I was always behind. Not to mention, the constant coffee drip. I mean, remember when coffee used to be enjoyable?!

So I obsessed over books, so called “hacks”, and productivity methods until I finally unlocked the secrets to productivity and found my calling (i.e. how to run the business of your dreams while travelling, taking fridays off and never stressing about the 1 million “coulds” or “shoulds” in your business )

And because I spent years figuring this out, I want to cut through the bullsh*t and share four of the BEST tools I use for my own biz so you can be more productive and start living that freedom based lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. ✨


Secret numero uno for  productive AF business: automate all Pinterest posting in Tailwind.

This allows me to be more productive than ever because I have all of my pins going out hundreds of times a day without EVER having to look at Pinterest or at Tailwind. This is truly something that works in the background 24/7, no trick, no gimmicks.

I’m consistently driving new traffic to my site, content, and email list (and getting them on the phone with me) using pinterest, it’s really a no-brainer.

If you want to know more about how I use and setup Tailwind and Convertkit (more on CK below), I share all the deets in my program, Your Most Profitable Quarter Yet.

🤎 number two: convertkit

I am personally obsessed with using Convertkit because it makes it simple for everyone who enters my community to get an incredibly valuable email sequence. I have complete peace of mind knowing that whoever joins my community is being nurtured and getting to know me, and what I do. This is an amazing way to take them on a journey through newsletter broadcasts and inspired email, love letters.

Another thing I love about Converkit is that it will never send someone the same email twice. People can opt in to my sequence in multiple ways but they will never get a duplicate sequence. This is so important for maintaining an authentic identity and offering value (not spam) to my community.

Also, convertkit has extended a free 30 day trial to my community if you sign up using this link!

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🤎 number three: leadpages

The very first thing I invested in for my business was Leadpages.

If you don’t know code, then this is going to be your new BFF. It allows me to create opt in pages and sales pages in a way that is SUPER simple (no more crying over things like centered images and simple font changes on your site). I love the way it looks and I can also offer something new or something free to give away AND it allows me to grow my list without a barrier. If I have a new idea and want to offer someone a free checklist or content upgrade, I can create a new sales page in 5 mins. No joke, Leadpages are gold. 

🤎 number four: ifttt

This stands for: If This Then That. IFTTT is one of the first super nerdy things I became obsessed with in the productivity world.

What this basically does is set up a automated chain. If I do one thing on the internet THEN it automatically does another thing for me. For example, if I post to Instagram, it automatically posts that same thing to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. So my Instagram posts are automatically being posted everywhere and I never have to think about it. 💥

If I post a new blog post, then it automatically publishes the post with a comment from me saying, “check out my latest blog post” plus an image and a link on my business Facebook page and my personal page EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This allows me to be hella productive and never wonder about what to do next after I’ve posted a blog, I let the robots take the wheel. 

Be warned, you can totally become obsessed with this one. Check out this post for all of the setup instructions.

These are my favorite things for being productive AF and running the freedom based business of my dreams. If you’re looking to invest in your business (btw, IFTTT is free 💕) then these are the tools that I would focus on right away to take things to the next level.