How to find your zone of genius

Have you noticed how the most successful entrepreneurs NEVER seem to be working?

When they post their lives to social media you never get those forgot-to-eat, 3rd cup of coffee vibes.

You wonder how the heck they’re posting blogs, creating new programs, managing a business AND visiting incredible places, eating out with friends, making yoga class, etc.

First off, let me bust the myth of perfection. Instagram is a curated snapshot of real life and running a business does require you to do the work.

But, I do have the “secret” to standing out as a brand + making the work feel less like 🤯 and more like creating inspired content for your bestie. The energy that the Oprah’s, Marie Forleo’s, and Beyoncé’s use to work within their creative flow. The ins and outs of finding and working with your zone of genius. 

And because I consider you my BFF… here ya go😘

what the heck is your zone of genius?

Your zone of genius is where passion meets talent.

And it’s more than just what you’re good at. It’s what makes you feel fulfilled on the daily. The thing you do for hours without it ever feeling like work.

Whether it’s cooking for loved ones, editing photos of puppies, or hacking productivity so you can take a birthday trip to Montreal (I’m so friggin excited for this! #freedomrebellion✈️) we all have those things that we’re crazy good at and LOVE doing.

Plus, working in your zone of genius is SO important for online entrepreneurs because the market is saturated. When you tap this, you work WITH your strengths in a way differentiates you from other people in your niche. If you don’t play to your strengths, you’re at risk of sounding like everyone else. And I know you’re not about that vanilla bullsh*t.

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how to find your zone of genius

To find your zone of genius, experiment and try new things.

If you love networking and bringing people together, try hosting an online mixer for your social media business and leverage that talent. You understand how businesses, people, or brands compliment each other and that can be extremely valuable for your business and for others.

If the experiment is successful, doing the work should feel light and fun. Lean into it and get creative about working from that space. Plan monthly mixers that could lead to a membership site and, eventually, in person workshops and retreats.

If it doesn’t work out, that’s awesome too. Now you’re a little clearer about what you want and what you don’t. If hosting a mixer made you feel exhausted and socially tapped (INFJ here 🙋‍♀️), then try something different next time.

what to do once you’ve found it

Once you’ve found your zone of genius, leverage the heck out of it Girl!

Here are some quick ways to stay in the zone and leverage your strengths:

  • Automate or delegate 🚀 the parts of your business that aren’t in your zone.
  • Begin each day by working in your zone.
  • Incorporate this into your branding and make this space your specialty.
  • Remember how the mixers from above turned into in person workshops and retreats? Create new, bigger goals that relate to your zone and turn them into project plans.

Now cut the 24/7 hustle bullsh*t and start making money doing the things you love. 💕