What should you be doing every week as an entrepreneur?

So… Monday’s are my favourite.

I know, I know. Most people start their Monday’s like:

😑😒 ☕😔

But the truth is…a girl’s gotta hit her goals!

And if you’re going to hit those 10k months, I know you’ve got big goals too!

Monday’s are when I get super pumped to tackle my master plan for the next 7 days. And they’re absolutely 🗝 to (actually) taking those steps toward my big plans.

But how do you create an action plan so that you’re moving toward your goals? (and not just running back and forth to the coffee machine)

I’ve got the scoop for what you should be doing EACH WEEK as an entrepreneur and maybe even some advice to make your Monday’s more fun

one: the non-negotiables

These are the things you should be doing every single day in your business 🤎.

If you do nothing else, you should be growing your community, nurturing your community, and making juicy offers. 

Here are some ideas for tackling these NN’s:

  • Get in front of other people’s audiences through facebook groups, podcasts, guest posting, etc.
  • Figure out your Pinterest marketing strategy (then throw this on autopilot
  • Email your list with valuable (only for them) content
  • Interact with your community on social media
  • Show off your freebie (here’s one of mine on non-negotiables…. see what i did there..😏 )
  • Offer consultations and get your dream clients on the phone with you

Set aside time each day to complete your non negotiables. That means put them in your calendar 📅 and stick to it. No excuses.

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This means you turn off your phone📞, walk away from your computer and participate in life. Gasp! 😮

When you check a big (or little hehe) project off your list, celebrate it! You can do this by booking a massage, grabbing a green smoothie, or watching the last episode of Stranger Things. If you crush a client call, take yourself out to lunch. You deserve it, Girl!

In addition to celebration, I reserve time each week for gratitude. My favorite ways to practice gratitude are by journaling and meditation erryday. This seriously changed the way I feel in my business. You can learn more about how gratitude helped me focus on the important things in this article.

THREE: weekly recap/plan for coming week

The best way to stay on track each week is by tracking your progress toward your big goal (that includes the numbers! 📈)

Remember when I mapped out how to turn a goal into a project plan? Use your project plan to reverse engineer those BIG things so that you’re doing something each month and WEEK to move the needle toward that goal.

Reflecting on the progress you made each week will give you the motivation to keep going when you’d rather stay in bed.

And when you’re checking those things off your list (‘cause I know you will) and feeling friggin accomplished, channel that energy to plan your next week. Rinse and repeat and you’ll be crushing that goal in no time 🔥🔥!

If that doesn’t make Mondays your favorite, then I’ll settle for bearable.
Now go plan, crush, celebrate the week ahead! 😉