A Little About Moi

Hey, I’m Alyssa. productivity guru to the baddest b*tches on the internet, founder of The Productive Entrepreneur, the Free Spirited Babes Community, and leader of the #freedomrebellion.

I help creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, and coaches ditch overwhelm, get more done, make more money, and make a bigger IMPACT (bc this world obviously isn’t gonna change itself).

Dreaming of midnight swims in the 
Mediterranean while barely keeping 
your entrepreneurial head above water?

Dude, we must be soulmates

Here’s the truth.. before I became a “productive entrepreneur” I was a hot mess.

I was working waaay more than 50 hours per week. I constantly felt like I was behind everyone else. I wasn’t hitting my income goals and my big goals (like globetrotting, and working with game-changing non-profits) seemed like a pipedream.

I didn’t have the freedom to dream up exciting new projects & ideas that inspired me because I could barely keep up with what I had on my plate! I wasn’t living the freedom based lifestyle I envisioned for myself when I started my business. I wasn’t working from a beach in bali or making 5 figure months. Hell, I could barely make it to yoga. And tbh, I was SICK and TIRED of my big goals or the things I had on my vision board just staring back at me at the end of every week when I was nowhere closer to them. I would lay awake at 2am with the suffocating thought, “am I really cut out for this whole entrepreneurship thing?!”

But I wasn’t about to go down without a fight.

But I wasn’t about to go down without a fight.

So I became obsessed with figuring out how the Oprah’s, the Beyoncé’s, and the Marie Forleo’s of the world were running empires, staying creative af, and making it all look easy. I was determined to tap into that vibe and unleash my inner island-hopping mogul.

But after months of trying all the latest productivity trends, reading every fkn Brian Tracy book, and trying any and all productivity “hacks” (midday trampoline breaks? …don’t ask), I was still barely keeping my head above the water.

AND THEN IT HIT ME. I’d been looking at productivity all wrong.

Productivity isn’t about waking up at five am and getting more done in a day (a girl needs her beauty sleep). And it doesn’t magically appear with a sexy new planner (although I can’t stop hoarding them).

Productivity is deciding on the life you want to live, and making every. single. part. of your business work toward that goal.

Having a productive business is the solid foundation. It’s the architecture that holds you up so you can let your creative right brain play. It’s the safety net around the trampoline. It’s knowing exactly how your quarter will pan out, then having the freedom to change everything last minute because of some whim of inspiration.

Productivity is staying in your zone of genius where time seems to stop and you could “work” for hours while the rest of the world moves in slow motion. It means ONLY doing the things that make you feel empowered, inspired, and free. Productivity is executing epic launches that make the bank think you’ve done something illegal without you ever growing a grey hair while doing it. It’s about taking a day off, guilt free and feeling like a boss at the end of every workday.

It’s about new leads rolling into your business while you sleep, the cha-ching sound ringing on your phone while you’re on the beach, and knowing EXACTLY how to make the most out of your time while you’re at your desk.

As soon as I figured this out my business took a 180. The next month I made an extra 3k without changing anything except my productivity - and the results have only amplified from there!

And here’s the thing, it wasn’t just me, my clients started having pretty insane results too!

After I made (real) productivity a cornerstone of my coaching, they felt less stressed, left their desks earlier, and experienced epic launches. They were doubling their income WITHOUT working double time and finally creating the freedom based business and lifestyle they dreamed of.

And so the freedom rebellion was born.

Since I became a productive entrepreneur I’ve been able to…

because “no rest for the wicked” should mean you’re up to some killer sh*t. Not slaving over your emails and losing your entrepreneurial sanity. 

- Island hop in thailand while my biz runs without me
- Work from coffee shops in portugal, barcelona and Paris
- Meet business besties in LA, Sandiego, and NYC
- Create a new program from my airbnb in mexico
- Coach game-changing clients from amsterdam




“You are my secret weapon.
I just got more done in the last 2 days than I literally have in months.”

Stephanie Joanne

“Alyssa is the brains behind my 30k month, before I worked with her I was overwhelmed, confused, and literally running a multi-six figure business, out of notebooks.”

Karina Ramos

Ask Your Doctor About Becoming A Productive Entrepreneur


Friday’s off (my personal fave)
Daily afternoon naps
An 8 month road trip
3 day work weeks
A month in south of france
Working (& daydreaming) from bali
Monthly spa dates with the bestie
Finally launching a life-long passion project
Backpacking south america (with passive income)

(these are just some of the freedom based results my clients have)