How to organize your biz in one day

If you’re like me, then nothing motivates you more than an organized office.

‘Cause there’s nothing that says “world takeover” like a clear desk, lavender in the diffuser, and playing Norah Jones in the background. #amiright?

But sometimes, you’ve got to dig deeper.

Because even though I hate to admit it, sometimes organizing your business takes more than just a clean desk.

And you can clean your office, closet, car, or the friggin’ neighbors house but sometimes that won’t clear your head and free up creativity when it comes to your biz.

If you’re down for some REAL business organization roll up your sleeves, ditch the procrasti-cleaning, and let’s make sh*t happen. And don’t worry, I’ll be your super productive sidekick along the way😎.

how to organize your biz in one day

The REAL trick to organizing your biz is by planning month to month.

This is 🔑 for an organization overhaul that you can maintain every single month to keep you and your business together + free your creativity.

And if you’re feeling extra frisky, take my plan your most productive month challenge where I teach my exact strategy for planning (and executing) a productive and profitable month in business (in just 4 days).

step 1: plan your content

What’s going on next month in your business? Focus on one key thing that moves you toward your big goal.

Are you launching a service? Growing your list? Nurturing your community?👯‍♀️💕

Even though we grow and nurture our community every day, there are times to get laser focused on specific things. Wherever that focus lies, create content that reflects and supports it.

To tackle this task, set your timer and write the titles and ideas for four weekly blog posts. Once you decide what you’ll write, schedule the time to write, edit, and post into your calendar. Trust me, this eliminates sooooo much of the brain work.

And if you’re on a friggin roll (I know you will be), check out this post to plan your entire year’s worth of content in ONE day. ‘Cause checking this off your list will feel so damn good. 💁‍♀️

step 2: plan your launch

If you REALLY want to get it together, this step will get you to organize your biz by making a no sh*t gameplan for when and where everything will happen. PLUS you’ll walk away feeling like wonder woman (and who doesn’t want that?)

The plan here is to figure out what you’re launch 🚀 offer is and how big your community needs to be to support that launch (don’t stress, I’ll dig into that next). Getting crystal clear about your offer and the numbers is the first step to actually meeting that $$$ 💸💸 goal.

Next, create an action plan for growing and nurturing your community, brain dump and schedule each task for your launch, and decide when you’ll be showing up and posting to social media.

If you’ve never planned a launch or don’t know where to start, I’ve got you covered with this 10 step launch strategy for an effective launch so you can meet those money goals AND maintain your entrepreneurial sanity.

step 3: map out your numbers

This is absolutely ESSENTIAL to hitting those money goals💸. And if you want to level up, you’ve got to get clear on where you stand and what it takes to get you there.

I dig deep into the numbers + give you a super easy profit formula spreadsheet here but the idea is to break down the exact number of people you need on your list in order to meet your profit goals.

Once you’ve got this piece of gold, figure out how many sales calls📞 or leads to book each month in order to break that bank, Girl!

And if you’re feeling extra nerdy 🤓 figure out how many people you need to get on your list each day. Remember, what you track grows so check in and adjust your numbers each month.

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step 4: use a project manager and your calendar

I’m OBSESSED with using Trello for project management. It allows you to group similar ideas, create checklists, assign deadlines, AND you use cute branded images and colors (you’re welcome 💕).

Finding my perfect project manager helped me ditch my mountain of sticky notes and actually check things off my list. FINALLY.

And if you know me, you know that the calendar 📅 = life. I create perfect calendars for each of my clients because it’s the #1 tool for freeing up creativity and actually getting your sh*t together.

Once you braindump using a project manager like Trello, schedule each task in your calendar so that when you sit down at your computer, you know exactly what needs to be done. I wrote this post with essentials for your calendar so that you can get the most out of this productivity tool.

step 5: batch and automate as much as possible

As you plan the month ahead, find similar tasks and batch ‘em up.

Plan an entire day for writing blog, social media, or email content. This way, when you’re in the writing zone, you use that precious brain power for maximum productivity. This takes A LOT less work than writing a post, then taking a sales call, then interacting on social media.

i wrote a whole post on why I’m obsessed with time blocking & you should be too, if you’re looking to step up your batching game.

When you’re batching, identify areas that can be automated. Are you spending tons of time posting to social media? Set aside an hour for creating and scheduling social media posts in a program like Buffer.

And voila! Just like that you’ve got your sh*t together and i bet ya feel like an absolute goddess! There is something so satisfying about organizing your biz like this, and trust me, once you’ve got everything in order executing will be SO MUCH EASIER.

Happy organizing!