How I get 2 hours of work done in 25 minutes

Do you ever feel like tasks drag on forever and ever and ever?

Or like you can’t even start creating that freebie, blog content, or workshop because it’s just too friggin’ overwhelming?

I feel you.

This was me ALL the time.🙋

Then a few months ago, I spent an entire day being “busy,” got distracted (it happens to the best of us), and landed on a life changing productivity hack called the POMODORO method.

Sounds like an adorable dog breed, right?

Trust me, this thing is less about cuddly pups and more about getting sh*t done.

And because we’re bffs, I’ll share my little secret (get ready bc this is about to change your life #stayhumble).

what the heck is the pomodoro method?

In a nutshell, the POMODORO method is about breaking tasks into 25 minute chunks. This amps up your productivity and makes the things you don’t want to do more bearable.

You know that masterclass you want to create but you’ve been putting off for months? Brain dump everything, batch the tasks, then tackle parts of it in 25 minute increments, it is WAY less overwhelming.

use a timer

Let’s say you need to write a blog post. Set a timer for 25 minutes, then decide what the post will be about, then research any relevant information.

When you only have 25 minutes for research, you’ll skim the important articles and stay ON TRACK. This will save you from spending hours reading interesting articles and following the rabbit hole of inspiration (read: distraction). When the timer goes off, close the tabs.

The trick here is to USE THE TIMER. Trust me, you’ll get crazy competitive and surprise yourself with the amount you accomplish in such short amounts of time.

when you’re done, take a 5 minute break, open a blank google doc and set your timer again and start drafting the post!

rinse & repeat.

📅 adjust your calendar

If you follow me, then you know I’m OBSESSED with using a calendar for productivity.

Adding the POMODORO method to my calendar is so good, it feels wrong. I mean really. Someone could probably write me a ticket for being so on FIRE. 🔥

Start by scheduling 25 minute blocks into your calendar and leaving the 5 minutes in between for “personal” time. This is when you do those little things that often break up your productivity (think, making your 3rd cup of green tea, playing with your cat, etc.)

This way when you’re on, you’ll be rockin’ Girl!

(hot tip: you can set your “default” event time in your calendar to be 25 mins so you can start seeing how many pomodorros each of your tasks will be taking you)

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☕️ take a friggin’ break

After four power sessions, schedule a larger break. Reward yourself for all the sh*t you got done and let yourself relax.

It’s easy to get caught up in the productivity and not want to stop. As entrepreneurs, we put tons of pressure on ourselves to keep going when we’re “feeling it,” then completely burn ourselves out. Avoid entrepreneurial burnout by making break time sacred.

Eat a meal, get a haircut, take a bath. Practice self care so that when you start another high productivity session, you’ll be ready to go.

And remember, this is an actual method that you can tap into over and over again for instant productivity. So stop stressing and tap into that laser focus we both know you have.

PS: I wrote this blog post in 2 pomodoros, this is my secret weapon (well, not to secret anymore). I dare you to try it on your next task and let me know your results!