How to stop procrastinating (even if you’re lazy af)

Okay, I’ve got a confession…

Sometimes, I’m lazy af.

So when clients come to me with a case of procrastinitus (def a thing), I completely empathize. This happens to me all the damn time and is why I believe in simplifying things, creating lazy girl approved strategies, and obsessing over the Pomodoro method.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m fully committed to my business goals and waving the #freedomrebellion ✈️ flag. So here’s what I do when my inner lazy girl is trying to take over my business and life:

the countdown

This is based on Mel Robinns’ book, The 5 Second Rule and is especially effective for my peeps who LOVEEE to hit that snooze button and procrastinate on the day (who me?).

The theory is that if you’re inspired to do something, you count down from 5 and at the end, you launch🚀 and take action. Robbins literally got the idea from a rocket launch countdown. The 5 second rule helps you bypass those few seconds of overthinking and actually do that amazing thing you were inspired to do (like get your ass outta bed).

This stops you from making excuses while thinking about how badly you don’t want to leave your warm and cozy cocoon in bed. When you say 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, that’s it. Do it. Make it happen. 🌈

I personally use this one while getting out of bed. I always wanna hit snooze ⏰but if I give myself the countdown, I can slide out of my dreamy, comfy sheets and start making my real dreams happen (at my desk).

☀️ the morning routine

I really believe that having a morning routine is key for being super effective and NOT being lazy.

When something is already part of a routine, it’s easy to go from one thing to the next without overthinking it. Everyone’s morning routine will look different depending on your goals, vibe, etc but no matter what, it WILL encourage productivity. 📈

Pro tip: Don’t overcomplicate it. A simple morning routine can be to get up, count down from 5, wash your face, make yourself some coffee☕️ / tea (lazy girl is NOT invited), and meditate.

Now, you’ve gotten your day started and all of those little steps will lead to productivity and you’ll run your day like the boss babe, CEO that you are. You friggin go, Girl.


This is based on the Brian Tracy book called Eat That Frog and even though it sounds totally weird, it’s a genius productivity hack.

Basically, you take whatever the hardest thing is on your to do list, and DO IT FIRST✅.

This is such an amazing tool for not being lazy because when we see a really long to do list, we want to cross things off (i knowww it feels so friggin good). The problem is, we start picking off the small things so it looks like we’ve done a lot but… the big job (the one that’s actually going to move the needle most in your business) is still staring back at you. At the end of the day, all you’ve actually done is answered emails and reached out to someone on fb. Sound familiar?

The best thing to do is just eat the frog🐸 and do the biggest thing. The rest of the day will be so much easier and you’ll feel like you’re on fiyaaa. 🔥 When the big thing is done, you can afford screwing off for the rest of the day and binge watch The Crown on Netflix. BUT chances are you’ll feel so friggin high from crossing off the big ass task that you’ll want to keep going.


The basic principle behind this fancy sounding method is to set a timer for 25 minutes, put on some chill music (I love piano acoustic covers of popular songs 😇), turn off your cell phone and ONLY work on that one thing you said you were going to do.

The amount you can get done in 25 minutes is INSANE and your productivity goes WAY up because you’re trying to beat the timer.

I use this ALL the time and talk more about it in this post.

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👉 Real talk: It’s okay to feel lazy sometimes.

And while these methods to stop being lazy are AMAZING tools, sometimes our procrastination is really our intuition telling us something. And it may be showing us that we’re avoiding things for certain reasons.

At some point, ask yourself why you feel this way. You may actually want to start delegating, outsourcing, asking for help, OR (if you can) stop doing something altogether. Sometimes procrastination is an awesome sign that things are outside our zone of genius and we really want to spend our inspiration somewhere else.