How to create a productive entrepreneurial calendar

If you’re anything like me, then you’re a sucker for those gorgeous desk calendars, planners, and agendas. 😍

But do you actually fill them in? Or do they sit on your shelf like that hand lettering kit you HAD TO HAVE 6 months ago (or is that just me?)

I used to think calendars were restricting and overwhelming. I wanted to do what I what, when I wanted. Cause that’s what entrepreneurship is all about, right? #freespiritsunite

But before I designed a hella-productive calendar, instead of feeling free, I was stressed by the to-do list hanging over my head. It felt like everything needed to be done like yesterday, and that I would never actually meet my big goals. My freedom was gone and my self care… nonexistent.

So I sat down to figure out a plan. I faced my calendar head on and implemented a system.

And guess what, it worked.

So I became OBSESSED with using calendars (not just hoarding them) and making the best use of my time.

Because time is money, honey.

And if you’re gonna hit those 10k months, you’ve gotta make scheduling a priority.

let me break down exactly how to create a productive entrepreneurial calendar asap!

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one: schedule your non-negotiables

These are the things you MUST do in your business, every. single. day.

No matter what, every day i will be growing my community, nurturing my community, and making offers. If I do nothing else in a day, these things will grow my business. Period.

It can look a little differernt every day, the non-negotiables can look like responding to emails, using social media for marketing, plugging my freebie into group boards, etc.

but even if i have one of those days where I am somehow magnetized to my bed, I get my non-negotiables done.

Allocate an hour each day to hitting these tasks.

two: schedule your to-dos, tasks, and projects

When scheduling your to-do list, start with high priority and necessary housekeeping-type tasks. These should actually move the needle toward your goals and not just busy-work.

Remember to schedule time for the unexpected. Don’t lose your cool when the landlord’s regular “maintenance” check really means sawing into your office wall. I mean, seriously. The AC was working just fine. 🙄

Pay attention to how long it takes to deliver your goods as well. For example, If you’re a graphic designer then maybe you’ll need to format files and send deliverables out by email after they’re finished, and that takes an extra 45 minutes you don’t have in your calendar yet.

Break down each tasks, the amount of time they take, then schedule that ish.

three: schedule creative white space

This is where you literally schedule “nothing.” Nada. Zilch.

Allow yourself the time to think. Brain dump, journal new ideas, research a new project, free associate.

You NEED this time to step into your creative power and BE the free spirited entrepreneur that you are. No matter how tempted you are to schedule over the white space, DON’T. Make this time sacred.

Trust me, magical sh*t happens when you catch up with your brain.

four: schedule your life

This is like REALLY important. Like really.

If you only schedule work tasks and projects, then you’ll be a zombie. You’ll burn out and want to give up.

Time with family, making nourishing meals, getting a massage, brunch with your soul-sisters… these things should be high priority. Having that freedom is why you started your biz in the first place, right? Don’t neglect your self care or become estranged from your family (lol). We need you to maintain your entrepreneurial sanity so you can show up, Girl!

See? That wasn’t soul sucking at all.

And because I want to making using your calendar the BEST experience, I made you this.