10 Step strategy for an effective launch

I know you keep hearing about those 5k or 6 figure launches. They’re talked about in entrepreneur-land like the new season of Stranger Things. It’s a thing. And you’re like, “yeah, I’ve got this!”

Your head is in the game, you’ve journaled your intentions, and now you’re ready to work.

So you go make yourself some green tea, celebrate with your money tree, … but then sit at your desk and realize even though youve heard about every entrepreneur in internet-land do it.. YOU’VE NEVER ACTUALLY GONE THROUGH A LAUNCH🚀🚀.

Holy panic.

Orrrrr maybe you’ve got several launches under your belt (I see you #girlboss) but you need a strategy that works and won’t make your brain feel like it went through the Starbucks blender.

Relax Girl. I’ve got you. 💆

Break out the fancy notebook📝 (yeah, the good sh*t), and take some notes. I’m about to give you a legit action plan so you can tackle this launch AND keep your entrepreneurial sanity.

step 1: decide what you’re gonna launch

First things first, decide what you’re launching. You don’t even have to know your offer from end to end. If you’re a service provider, here are the MUSTS:

  • The benefits✅ of your offer (really deep dive into this I always see you underselling yourself girl!)
  • The transformation your client will receive (this is ALL that really matters)

let’s look at an example, Stacia is a service provider launching The Story Package where they will work on all aspects of their brand’s written story including about me pages and bios.

She knows she wants to take her clients from feeling like they just have a purpose to knowing their authentic brand story. She decides that as they work together they will transform from a brand with a key message into someone who has a story and can really connect with their community so that they can easily convert sales.

So now she knows the benefits (the about me page and bio as well as clarity) AND the transformation (know their message AND convert sales with their messaging)

At this stage, you can also create your sales page. For this, you’ll need to know who this is for, the benefits, transformation they’ll have, and your price point.

step 2: do your numbers

At this point, you want to identify how much you want to make from this offer 💸 AND (more importantly, if you’re going to meet that number) exactly how many people you’ll need on your list and in your community so that you can offer this program and in a way that’s going to make you feel supported.

Trust me, this step is hella good for your mental health.

ALSO, I made an entire formula for you, so doing your numbers is like beyond simple📈.

**If you’re using paid advertising, don’t forget to deduct this amount from how much you are going to make.

step 3: grow your community

So, now you know how many people you need in your community and you’ve crunched the numbers like a #boss. Now you need to get there.

The best way to grow your list is through your freebie.

You want to have a free offer for your community 👯‍♀️that will love, and will lead them organically to your offer (the one you will be launching)..

Going back to our example: For Stacia, the logical first step for her client to get clear on their story is by starting to write their taglines. so, in order to get her clients ready for her launch Stacia created a tagline formula download and started promoting it all the time.

by doing this people are starting to see her as the go-to copywriter to help you find your story AND she is growing her list with every person who donloads the tagline formula

step 4: nurture your community

This is where you show up consistently and in meaningful ways.

Write weekly blog posts, a follow up nurture sequence for the freebie, and weekly emails designed for to add massive value to your community.

Make sure this is content that really nurtures your audience and leads to your signature offer. No one wants a bunch of random spam in their inbox.

This is also a great time to show TF up on social media in instagram stories, facebook live videos, podcasts and anything else that gives massive value to your community.

step 5: create a project plan

To create a project plan🤓, start by brain dumping everything that needs to happen pre-launch into a blank document, don’t overthink this step just get it all onto the paper.

For example if you want to launch to your list and get a group of people booked for your 1:1 offer you might need to:

  • Write live launch emails 💌
  • Create social media campaign around your signature offer
  • Offer a challenge
  • Grow by posting and interacting in other people’s fb groups
  • Get involved in podcasting

Once you make your giant list, reverse engineer them. Think about what needs to happen 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. I absolutely LOVE 🤎 trello for this.

Once you’ve done that, start putting deadlines on everything and get it into your calendar📅.

👆🏻CAUTION: DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. This is key  to having an effective launch🚀.

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step 6: create hype

This is where you go all out and throw your “launch party”

Do things like:

  • Create countdown timers⏱ within your emails
  • Write social media teasers
  • Record facebook lives
  • Interact in other people’s groups💕

Basically everyone on your list (and those who aren’t) should know what’s going.

step 7: create launch emails

These are the emails 💌 that tell your list:

  • I have this really awesome thing coming out!
  • Here are some of the benefits.
  • Here are some of the results other people have had.
  • This is when the cart is closing.
  • This is your last chance so take action now! (Because I’m offering you these bonuses, cart is closing, or some other sincere urgency here.)

step 8: create a launch social campaign

Everything you send in your emails needs to be mirrored in your social media campaign. Remember, we want people to see your stuff like EVERYWHERE.🌎

When I open my Instagram in the morning, I should see Stacia saying things like, “The Story Package just opened up and I’m so excited because this is the thing that took my client from A to B.” and maybe catch her on instagram sotries talking about similar things. 

Then, I should open my inbox and get her email and start thinking about taking action. I’ll want to read/see/hear what’s going on and also be interested in checking out her sales page.

Get comfortable posting everywhere because you WANT to be seen everywhere. Your social media campaign should be posted to:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest (because it’s not just a social network)
  • Your own & other people’s facebook groups

Even if your launch brings in new people who are cold (meaning not yet a warm lead, or hot buyer), invite them on your list and nurture🌱 them so that next time you launch they’ll be really warm. By showing up in other people’s groups you also present yourself as someone who sells in your biz. It gives people multiple touch points and can be extremely effective if the group is a hangout for your potential client.

step 9: host live trainings

*This can be a webinar, workshop, IG or FB live training

The point of this live training is for people to see your face and get to know, like, and trust you. This acts as a closer touch point than your emails and social media campaign alone.

Hop into Instagram live, FB live, webinars, etc. You want people to see you, interact with you, love you, and develop a closer relationship with you.

When you host live trainings,  provide incredible value that relates to your offer and then trasition into talking about this awesome new thing you’re launching🚀🚀. << Don’t forget that part!

step 10: create urgency & close

There are several ways to create urgency. For example:

  • Close cart dates
  • Timers in emails (my fave is motion mail)
  • Timers in leadpages
  • Offering time sensitive bonuses (make these valuable. Bonus points if they take them through the transformation faster)

Then actually close your cart.

In order to maintain integrity in your biz, you need to take away those bonuses, and close the cart so that people know that the next time you open it, they’ll want to take action.

Also, people LOVE a good sale. If I’ve been looking at a pair of Nike shoes for months and months (they could be sitting in my cart or pinned on Pinterest) the second I see that Nike has a 30% off sale I’m going to take friggin action and buy those Nikes NOW.

Give your peeps a reason to BUY THE NIKES.💸💸

👉 bonus step 11: go back to step 4

Take a step back.

Go back to your community and warm them up again.

If they don’t take action this time, that doesn’t mean they won’t take action in the future. I’ve seen people go through launch and launch and launch and not take action till the 6th time I offer the same thing!

Take this time to nurture your community. Remind them that you’re not just here for selling and that you have lots of value for them as well. And this doesn’t always mean teaching. This should also be an authentic relationship where you’re vulnerable with your community so, they feel like they have a little insight into your life.


How’s that for strategy? 😏 Now get out that notebook and mess up that perfect desk. You’ve got big, magical things to do. ✨