Why I’m obsessed with time blocking (and you should be too)


I know it can be a love/hate relationship, especially for creative entrepreneurs. I’m just gonna put it out there… creative beings, we get distracted easily🙈🙈!

This can be amplified when you’re working at home and setting your own schedule day in and day out. We already know I’m all about getting sh*t done when you don’t feel like it, but I now want to share with you my BEST kept secret when it comes to improving your productivity levels. The key 🔑 is knowing where your time is needed most, and prioritising and simplifying that ongoing to-do list that you face as a everyday boss babe and business owner.

I am going to share with you why I’m totally obsessed with time blocking and why share it with ALL my clients.

Why i’m obsessed with time blocking??

Time blocking is the best kept secret in the productivity game and if you’re not using it yet, you’re missing out.  With time blocking, you restrict your focus to one particular task in a defined  amount of time.  By focusing on just one task in that moment, you don’t let the weight of all that you need to do weight you down.  That singular focus gives you the mojo to finally get the task done instead of procrastinating on it, and gives you the space to give your full focus to that task, and complete it with more inspiration.  I’m so obsessed with time blocking that I use it in my schedule every day AND use it with every one of my clients!

So here’s why:

#1 perfectionist or the perfect procrastinator?


Dear god, the perfectionism trap. What a sneaky devil. It doesn’t have to be, though!  On one hand, perfectionism causes you to waste time by working on something for too long (and still never thinking it’s good enough).   On the other hand, procrastination can stop you from ever starting.  It’s like a never ending internal battle.  

When you implement time-blocking into your schedule, you allow yourself to focus on the task that you want to avoid by dedicating a specific time to starting it and stopping it.  For you procrastinators out there, if you start and just can’t stop, keep going.  You need this.  For perfectionists, once your block of time is up, stop what you’re doing and move on to your next task.  Procrastination and perfectionism solved! *dust the dirt off of your shoulder* 💁

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#2 time blocking holds you accountable

Whether you start on a big task and get 10% done or hone in on a small task that you’ve been putting off just because it’s small, time blocking is there for you, boo!  It’s difficult to sit down and try to tackle a huge project all at once.  By using time blocking, you can schedule different blocks of time to focus on chipping away at projects like this, little by little, in order to complete it effectively.  Don’t forget the tiny tasks that pile up after you put them off for a long time.  Instead of letting them grow into a monster of a task, set up a block of time ⏰ to get several of them done.

#3 the fringe benefits

I keep ranting and raving about how great time blocking 📅 is and how it can save your productivity.  So let me just reeeeally break it down for you.  This is why you need time blocking in your life: 👇

  • Understanding how much time you need to dedicate to tasks helps you plan better
  • Planning how to fit your work into your day helps you to not create a to-do list with too many things to do
  • It makes you appreciate how valuable your time is
  • Having just the right amount to do helps you actually accomplish what’s on your daily to-do list
  • When you accomplish what’s on your to-do list, with nothing left over, you’ll feel victorious!

It’s that simple, girl.  Get your time-blocking on, and be the productive boss you are destined to be if you want more details on how you can time block check out the free workshop I hosted a few weeks back right here!