What your personality reveals about your productivity

You’ve probably heard the saying “no one size fits all”, and that doesn’t just apply to that weird Brandy Melville top that I *thought* looked good at the store, but ALSO my biz (and yours).

There are different productivity styles for every entrepreneur. Everybody needs different methods in order to get sh*t done… you may find that what works for your biz-bestie, doesn’t work for you at ALL! In fact you might even feel like you guys are speaking a totally different language…🤦‍♀️

So in order to figure it out, you need to FIRST find out what  type of productivity persona you are. This is my first step to figure out which productivity tips and advice I should give to my clients, and all I have received is positive feedback about how useful it is to know their productivity persona and play into their own individual strengths 💪 .

Figure out your persona and follow my daily success habits for productivity, and you’ll be set!

Ya with me?

The type of productivity persona you are will determine a lot of things about your biz, so here’s a breakdown of the different types.

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The muse is totally about teamwork! 👭 You’re an excellent team player, and you always make sure that your team is getting sh*t done, because you are the babe that makes sure that you communicate efficiently!

You’re an emphatic entrepreneur who makes sure that your people feel supported and heard, and you’re are always welcoming feedback, whether good or bad. You know that conducting yourself like this will help you grow your biz and continue to grow on a personal level.

One thing you may not be a huge fan of, is people lacking personal touch or relying on facts all the time. You like to be able to think outside the box sometimes!

And even though you love talking, you know you need to set up some limits and get your shiz done!

PRODUCTIVITY TIP: Try using convertkit, my fave email provider to send updates, love notes and add that personal touch to everyone who joins your tribe, without making you go crazy trying to get back to everyone!

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The architect is extremely detail oriented! Everyone knows you as an organized person, you have a tried-

and-true sequence and you make sure to follow it step by step.

You’ve tried every project management tool out there! You have a plan and you stick to it. You are not impressed if your plans deviate, and if you explain something once – you hope everyone gets the point.

For you, there’s nothing more satisfying and exciting than crossing a “to do” from your very-organized planner! 

PRODUCTIVITY TIP: Try using Trello – it’s a free visual online project management tool that uses the kanban method. It’s fantastic for staying organized and you’ll get the satisfaction of placing your jobs into the “finished” column.

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the analyzer

You are a go getter! You analyze every single style of thinking, from logical to realistic 💁

You have a perfect vision of your goals, and the way you time everything out perfectly when it comes to checking everything off of your “to-do list”.

You’ve never met a goal you didn’t tackle head on, as you have extreme focus with everything that you put your mind to . You get to the point. You don’t have time for tons of personal details or random chit-chat.

Sometimes your personality gets confused with the architect, but you are more focused on the details, and on the steps that are going to help you get sh*t done, versus immersing yourself in the details of the whole project.

PRODUCTIVITY TIP: Try utilizing Wunderlist: It’s a fantastic way to track and remind yourself of your to-do’s for your daily business tasks, to even a grocery list!

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the artist

You are a visual person. You love juggling different projects and you don’t stress about the “tiny details”. You love being spontaneous and impulsive- because that’s what usually brings you to your BEST ideas.

Your desk may not be the most organized, and you may forget deadlines here and there, but your creativity is so infectious that you will always be successful. Sometimes you need that extra help with working from home and staying focused (for more on that check out this post I wrote on how to be supes productive when you work from home)

You have the ability to envision the future and you recognize new opportunities that others without the same mind would have never seen coming.

PRODUCTIVITY TIP: ZenPen – It’s a tool that creates a minimalist writing zone where you can block out all distractions, and focus on your own zone of genius.

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So, which one do you think you are? Once you know, you can play into your strengths, and add some tools to support the areas you prefer to ignore!

Here’s how you can find out your type (quiz here), find out for real what type of productivity persona you are. Comment below which one you are…you might be surprised!