5 Steps to get sh*t done when you don’t feel like it

Do you ever have those days.. where crawling out of your pillow-filled bed seems impossible, and watching Netflix in your pajamas all day is the only thing you want on your schedule?
Been there! 🙋
No matter what business you’re in, you’re gonna have days where your entire being just says “NOPE” to any type of productivity. Even IF you’re working for yourself and love what you do, you will still have periods of time where you just feel plain old L-A-Z-Y. You may be creating and sharing the products that you love, but  you didn’t sign up for filing taxes, writing invoices, or making the post office your second home. And you know what, that’s OK!

So listen, you aren’t alone in all of this. BUT, get it together girl, because you still have to get that shit done! So I’m breaking down the 5-step action plan that will help you get it done when you just don’t feel like it. 😏

STEP ONE: pinpoint what’s stopping you.

This isn’t just a case of the Blunday’s 😴 You need to start figuring out what’s really causing the mental block when it comes to your productivity. Is it fear? Are you feeling burnt out? Are you not the techy-type and your to do list is filled with geek-jobs? You need to sit and pinpoint what it is that is causing you to sabotage your own business (even if it is subconsciously). Be honest with yourself and you’ll get a clearer picture of what actions you need to take.

Take a min, get real with yourself about what’s stopping you, get a clearer picture of whether you need to ask for help, or just grab your #girlboss mug ☕️ and attack it!

STEP TWO: rediscover your motivation.

Do you remember why you’re doing this in the first place? It’s so easy to get swamped down in the routine of things that we forget our “why”.  Why did you start this biz?  Why are you truly passionate about it?  Make your “why” and your motivation visible within your workspace. Make a vision board. Pin up some quotes.

Put a stack of your fave motivational books beside your desk. Do whatever you have to do to rediscover and fire up your motivation, because you’ll need it to really have the passion to get shit done when you’re just not in the mood and break up with productivity for good.🙌

STEP THREE: procasti-clean

Your work space really is a sanctuary for your creativity. Ok, I have to admit procrasti-cleaning is a REAL addiction of mine, and a dangerous habit. When tax season rolls around I suddenly feel the need to clean my baseboards on a Monday morning (there’s a first time for everything, right?).

But there is one occasion when procrasti-cleaning actually comes in handy, and that’s when your desk needs a serious pick-me-up. There is something SO satisfying about cleaning up all those loose leaf papers, old coffee mugs, and whatever the heck else somehow ends up on your desk. Your desk deserves to be returned to the pinterest-worthy state that it’s meant for. So procrastinate for just a few more minutes, and spruce up your work space so you’ll just be dying to sit down and get busy 👩‍💻.

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STEP FOUR: start trackin’

A trick that I’ve continued to use to overcome my productivity (inner lazy-girl) blocks, is to track how long it takes me to get sumthin done. If I know how long certain tasks take to complete, it’s easier for me to plan out on how to accomplish them! If I track that it takes me an average of 45 minutes to complete a client’s Perfect Day Blueprint, I’m going to set aside 45 minutes of uninterrupted time ⏰ to do it. When I finish my task, I feel like a BOSS. If it takes a little longer, I take a break and get back to it to make sure I finish it.

Start time tracking your tasks and you’ll find out where your unproductive tendencies are coming into play. Once you find that out, you have the power to stop them!

STEP FIVE: treat yo’self

This is a good one….. Create a reward system to celebrate the little #wins. I like to make a list of aaaaall of the little things that need to be done in order to complete a task.  For each few items I cross off my list, I reward myself with a little something. It could be as small as a short nap or a quick coffee break (or a turmeric ginger almond milk latte 💁). As my own boss, I try to make sure I’m  still rewarding myself for even the tiny victories like crossing a few things off of my to-do list.

So there they are if your inner lazy girl is trying to convince you to take a sick day crawl out of bed, turn off Netflix, and stop holding yourself back from achieving what needs to be done! You have five simple steps to turn a melancholy work attitude into the productive and determined attitude that you had when you first stepped into the entrepreneurial life. So go on, and get shit DONE girl✔️✔️✔️.

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