PROFIT FORMULA: How to hit your income goal every month.

If thinking about your next launch has you ordering 5lbs of coffee and prepping your hibernation cave, then we really need to chat.

First things first, take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

I had a cave too. 🙋

I used to think prepping for a launch was awful. I’d create content, prime the systems, and schedule everything with a nagging worry that I wouldn’t meet my $$$ goals. So, in order to reclaim my sanity and make sure I would actually make the money, I created a system that uses no bullshit numbers and formulas.

Don’t worry, you won’t need an advanced math degree. I did all the heavy lifting for you with this download. 🤓

Here are the numbers you should be tracking in your business and how to calculate them in order to reach your income goals.

formula one: profit projection

Let’s figure out how much you’re going to make.

The first numbers you need are your profit goal and your offer price. If your monthly income goal is $10,000 💸 and your offer is priced at $1,000, then you need to sell 10 offers in order to reach that goal.

Seems simple right? That’s because it is, but you’d be surprised at how many people skip this essential first step!

Continue this step for each of your offers, plugging your own numbers into the spreadsheet to get your base.

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formula two: sales call conversion rates

For this formula, identify and input how many people show up to each sales call 📞 you’ve booked. If you’ve booked 10 calls and 5 people show up, then you have a 50% (or .5) show rate.

Next, identify and input your call close rate (say that 5 times fast!). If, for every 10 calls you have, 5 people decide to work with you (yay), then you have a 50% (or .5) close rate.

These numbers tell you how many sales calls you need to book in order to meet your profit goal. If you need to close 10 people and your show and close rates are both at 50%, then you need to book 40 calls each month.

** It’s also important to track calls that are booked and closed so that you can see where improvements or adjustments can be made. For example, if your show rate is low, check out your scheduling and email💌 response systems to make sure potential clients are getting all the pre-call info and are excited for your call.

formula three: list numbers

This formula determines how many people you need on your list in order to book the required amount of sales calls. List conversions can vary between industries, the “warmth” of your audience, and how much you’ve nurtured your audience. In general, most lists will convert somewhere between 1% and 3%.

Let’s walk through these projection scenarios:

For a 1% conversion rate: If my profit goal is $10,000 💸, I need to sell 10 offers, book 40 calls, and have 4,000 people on my list.

For a 3% conversion rate: If my profit goal is $10,000, I need to sell 10 offers, book 40 calls, and have 1,334 people on my list. (now you see the importance of keeping your list HOT)

You still with me? I knew you could hang.

Now go hunt down your numbers, crawl out of that launch cave, and reward yourself for tackling that nasty uncertainty head-on.

You’ve got this, Babe. 😘