How to automate and loop socials for free

I dont know about you, but posting on social media can be EXHAUSTING for me! There are aspects of it that I love (my instagram obsession continues) but other parts drive me crazy, not to mention feeling like all my past content would become insignificant  after a few weeks of life on the internet unless I figured out a way to post about it consistently. So I got resourceful and figured out a way to automate all of my twitter and facebook socials to loop every month without ever having to think about it. Oh, and did I mention it’s completely free!? All you need is an ifttt account and your google calendar! Thanks to Haley over at The Profit Planner who got me talking about this technique I use.

Let me show you how to make it happen!

1.Head over to And create an account

2. Click my applets, then new applet

3. Click on the “+this” icon

4. Search for Google Calendar and click on it

5. Then click on “Event search from starts”.

6. Select the calendar that you will be using, the keyword or phrase, and the time before the event starts.

7. Click on create trigger when done!

8. Click on the “ +that” icon

9. Click on the twitter icon and then the box “post a tweet with image”

10. In tweet text, click on “Add ingredient” and then “description”

11. Make sure the box only says “description” it will automatically fill in: {{title}} starts {{starts}} but just delete that.

12. Then, for image URL, you will click on “Add ingredient” and click on ‘where’

13. Click on the bottom “create action”. It will take you to a new screen and if you’re happy with the changes click on the button “finish”

13. Repeat all the steps for posting on Facebook except instead of “tweet with image” choose facebook’s “upload a photo from URL” also, instead of writing “#twitter”, replace it with “#fbpage” .

14. Once you’re done all that head over to google calendar to set up the timing of your posts.


1.Open up Google Calendar , make sure it’s the calendar that is linked up with IFTTT

2. Pick a day to post

3. After clicking on the time slot change the title to “ #twitter #fbpage” (whichever apps you set up)

4. Now head over to the blog post that you want to post and get the image link to one of the images posted in the blog. Pick a rectangular image, right click on it and go on “copy image address”

5. Now you want to shrink the link you just copied. Go to a bit link shortener and paste the address you got from the picture.

6. Once you have the shortened link (copy it) go back to your event on google calendar and paste it in the location box.

7. Time to write a description 🙂 Head back to the blog post and copy or make up a sentence that would describe the post.

  • Copy the link to the blog post and shorten the link (just like you did with the image) on the bit link shortener.
  • Don’t forget to include the link to your post in the description
  • Make sure everything (link included) is under 140 characters

11. Go to the top right corner of the page and click save!

12. Here’s a glance at how my calendar looks after my posts have been loaded in

Wanna see a few other ways I use my google calendar to rock my business world?

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