How to be productive when you work from home

So you’ve finally cleared up that space to create your home office, purchased the cute furniture to fill it, and have all of your supplies.  You’re ecstatic – It looks just like those two amazing home offices that you pinned on Pinterest.💕

Now what?  

Everything is just sitting there waiting for you to work.  If you’re not getting shit done in your home office, it’s useless.

How do you utilize your home office to its maximum potential and create a haven for your work?  Whether you are a full-time entrepreneur, or you hustle after your 9-5, it’s crucial that the time you spend in your home office is productive.  Here’s how you make that office #WERK for you:

one: organize your home office and create a flow that facilitates in your creative process

Whether you help small businesses file taxes or sew bespoke skirts, you have a flow that helps you work most efficiently.  Take the seamstress, for example.  She has a stock of fabric, a collection of threads and needles, cutting and measuring supplies, a sewing machine, and essential pieces like buttons and zippers.

She will need a space to draw and design, and she’ll need a place for packing and shipping. But this applies to all creative entrepreneurs, think critically about the things you use daily and be purposeful about where they’re placed. 

Once you identify the spaces that you need (virtual or tangible) , set them up in a way that works for you. Define spaces such as where you’ll do your heavy thinking and where you’ll do brainstorming and free thinking (desk vs. comfy chair).  Map out 📝 your space so that it works for you.

two: create a work schedule

Failing to plan is planning to fail, so don’t try to work on a whim.  Productivity requires structure, especially when you work from home.  It is important for you to create a schedule to work by and to measure your productivity.  A quick google search will help you discover endless schedule examples, time management apps and calendar printouts. You can also get me to help you reach your MOST PROFITABLE QUARTER YET🤑🤑, this is my jam, and you can get a sneak peak at an example of one of my client’s blueprints above. 

three: do the thing that scares you

Get the hard stuff out of the way first. You’re not going to want to do it before lunch because you’ll be thinking about food. You’re not going to want to do it after lunch because you have a call coming up. You’re not going to want to do it… uh..ever, probably.  There’s no sense in putting it off until the last minute, though.  Tackle the thing that you want to do the very least as soon as you start your work day.

Since you work from home, this may simply mean getting up and getting dressed to officially start your day.  Whatever it is, the sooner you accomplish it, the better.  Once it is done, the rest of your day will seem like a breeze!

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four: take breaks

Don’t go overboard and make your entire day a Netflix on the couch break. It is important, however, to step away from your work from time to time.  Taking a little time off during the day helps to break up the monotony of all of your hard work.  After your break, you return with clarity and the ability to start fresh and look at everything with new eyes.  I like to go on a walk around the neighborhood for 30 minutes or do a quick yoga flow 🧘‍♀️ to break up my work day.  

five: be anti-social (media)

Put. The. Phone. Down!

Log off.  ❌❌

Make your dedicated work time about work and don’t taint it with feeds, posts, likes or cat videos (sorry).  We all love cat videos, but they are notorious for hijacking time that could be used more constructively.  It doesn’t hurt to check your social media accounts a few times throughout the day, but if you find yourself lingering, log off.  

If using social media is your favorite way to procrastinate, designate slots of time on your schedule for checking your social media accounts.  The last thing you want to do is be engulfed in Facebook, chilling on your bed and not getting anything done.  Don’t let social media be your productivity downfall.  

Are you feeling more energized and ready to truly be more productive, yet?  

These tips and tricks will help as long as you really commit to them.  Be proactive and diligent when it comes to really being productive, and making the most of your time will come to you with ease.😎