The difference between busy and productive

Are you glorifying busy-ness?

It’s time for your weekly Saturday brunch with your besties👯‍♀️.  You’re late, as per usual.  All of that racking your brain to get work done keeps you one step behind where you need to be.  When you finally get there, your girls ask, “How have you beeeen?”

“Omg, I’ve been so busy!”😣

You’re girls, being the tell it like it is bosses that they are, remind you, “There’s nothing cute about busying your life away!”

You know they’re telling the truth.  You won’t ever get a badge for being busy.  It’s all about getting shit done.  Being busy can often distract you from your real goals by making it seem like you are really doing something when you’re not.  Be real with yourself, girl!  

You might be busy, but are you being productive?  When “busy” comes knocking, call it out for what it is.  Lose the busy distraction and start making things happen💕.  

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Working long hours reduces productivity

When you force yourself to work for hours on end, you’re undoubtedly going to get tired😴.  Repeating this forced state of busy work over and over?  That’s a recipe for disaster.  Being a busy bee with no real results showing means that your busyness is not productive.  Lack of productivity equals lack of profit.  No girl bosses want to work like crazy with no return.

Doing the same thing over and over while expecting new results is the definition of insanity, according to Einstein.  Don’t drive yourself insane with being fake busy.  It will never produce real results.  Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to be well-rested and productive versus worn out and not prospering?

Work becomes less enjoyable

If you love what you do, being busy but never getting closer to achieving your goals will probably make you love it a little less😒.  If you do that long enough, it might even make you hate what you do and question your passion and your career.  Don’t let “busy” kill your vibe. Vibe on the fact that you are being productive and getting one step closer each day to achieving your goals.

You lose focus of your goals

If you’re concerned with the glamour of looking busy to others, you need to get your priorities in order, sis.  Never lose sight of your goals.  Whatever goals you have set should be just for you, and you alone.  No matter how it looks to people on the outside, you should be happy with the steps that you are taking to make your dreams come true.  Baby steps👣 matter just as much as big steps in your one-person goals race.  As long as those steps are in the direction of your goal, you’re on the right path.

Solution: Create a routine and get rid of the clutter

The best way to get out of the “busy” rut is to take control of your time and your mind.  Clean up your to-do list. Stop accepting and creating tasks for yourself that do not benefit your goals.  Take time for yourself even in the midst of these tasks; take a breath and collect your thoughts🔮.  You can still be productive if you take breaks, so stop believing that the only way you’ll ever succeed is if you work non-stop.

Once you’ve de-cluttered your mental space, you should also work to clean up your office/work area.  Close out the tabs on your internet browser each night so that you can start fresh and unburdened by the searches of yesterday.  Put everything in its designated space so that it does not crowd your desk.  It is much easier to work in an environment that is distraction free.

Build a routine for yourself that you can stick to daily⏰.  Wake up with a morning ritual like yoga or having tea to set the stage and clear your mind to start the day.  Clearing your mind will allow you to focus on being truly productive, thus making the most of your working hours.  

Woman to woman, I definitely had to call you out and burst your busy bubble on this “being busy is best” myth.  That’s what friends are for.  Now it is up to you to make the necessary changes to stop being busy and start being productive📈.  I’m always here to give you more productivity tips.  Now, be a darling and tell your besties to ditch the busy front, and get productive like us.