How to manifest the crap out of your biggest goals

Well, 2018 has been a wild journey and I’ve loved every bit of it. One of my main intentions coming into the new year was to embrace, and (try to) embody more feminine energy, and the magical, mysterious intrigue that comes along with it.

And while diving head first into this femme side I quickly realized that although unleashing my inner feminine goddess was alluring and exciting, I couldn’t tooootally abandon my masculine side,  since it’s my CORE STRENGTH – so I began to crave more of a balance.

I bought the book The Bingo Theory’ by Mimi Ikonn, and it sheds a lot of light on the dichotomy of Masculine and Feminine energy. She describes the strengths of each, and that every person experiences a dominance of either masculine or feminine energy, with it’s corresponding strengths and weaknesses. I was not surprised to discover that my dominant energy was in fact, masculine, which is why I intuitively wanted to find more balance and introduce my feminine goddess. There are positive and negative aspects of both feminine and masculine energy and I highly recommend trying to embrace and embody a balance of them both!

So, on my crazy journey this year, one thing I obsessed over was MANIFESTING. If you’re alive in 2018 you’ve probably heard about it everywhere, and although I’ve always had a general idea of what manifesting is, I hadn’t ever put any conscious effort toward it until Jan 2018. At first it was a little too *woo-woo* for my recovering GOAL ORIENTED self, so I found a way to use my new-found-femme-side (I’m talking free-spirited + intuitive), PLUS my natural masc energy talents (goal-oriented + ambitious side), mashed them together to create a manifestation practice that blew the socks off my biggest goals.

and I CANT WAIT to share it with you!

step one: set some big-ass goals

Goals are crucial to your manifestation game (kinda obvious right?). Trying to manifest without them is like trying to hit a target, in unfamiliar territory, blindfolded, and hoping to get a bullseye 🎯. Not exactly a strategy for success, but I’m surprised at how often I see this happening!

Instead, get clear. Write your goals down, get super specific, and keep them in plain sight. This could be a list, a plan on a poster, hung up on your wall, or written down in the first couple pages of your journal. Wherever it is, it should be somewhere you can see multiple times a day, every day. Once it’s written down it becomes real, and you can start to measure your daily activity against your goals. GET THAT BIG ASS GOAL OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND ONTO PAPER.

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step two: positive reinforcement

Alright, THE G WORD, if i hear about it one more damn time I’m gonna cry, so I’m sorry you have to hear it again, but sometimes, the cliches are cliche for a reason. I’m talkin’ grati-tude 🙏.

Once you’re suuuuper clear on what you want, it’s important that you take a moment (or a couple) every day to be grateful for what you ALREADY have. The universe works in a give and take motion and once you can appreciate what it’s already given you, the give and take dance will continue, and you’ll get more of what you want🙌!

I like to think of this like “positive reinforcement” it works on kids, in relationships, and mother nature likes it when you appreciate the sh*t she gives you too! So figure out what you want, then find PROOF that you already have it in some way, thennn appreciate the CRAP out of that thing, and she will reward your good behavior.🤩

Now, you might have to get creative here… for example if you’re trying to manifest a 20k month🤑🤑, but you’ve never HAD a 20k month before to be grateful for you might be stumped… but here’s how I break it down:

💸💸 I want to have a 20k month because it will ……
✔️ give me more freedom ✈️
✔️ allow me to re-invest in my business growth 📈
✔️ help me travel the world 🌎 without worrying about my budget

Now, you make a list of times you’ve already experienced these things…..
✔️ I’m so grateful for how much time freedom ✈️ I have in my day since hiring that new team member, I’m so grateful for how much civil freedom I have because I live in Canada. etc
✔️ I’m so grateful that I can invest in convertkit with last month’s revenue, I’m so grateful I can invest my time in my business now that I don’t work 9-5. etc
✔️ I’m so grateful I can afford to take the train to visit my girlfriends👯‍♀️ without worrying about my budget, I’m so grateful I can afford gas today without worrying about my budget etc etc!

See what I did there? Try this out in your journal every day and you’ll start to notice how much of the thing you WANT you already have, not only will it make you feel warm and fuzzy (always appreciated) buuuut, the universe💫 loves when you talk dirty to her like that.

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step three: let it go

Now hold up. This doesn’t mean you don’t do anything about it. I mean, have we met?

🔮 This means you give yourself some s p a c e.
You let it GROW.
You let things simmer so you can get clear and be free to get creative.

Most of the time, we over complicate things, when in reality the path to our goal is simpler than we think. When we’re too emotional, too caught up in the situation, or too controlling (this is NOT me at all…🙄) we can do more damage than good.

So do the initial groundwork and then let the intelligence of the universe step in and help out a bit. Step away from the goal, temporarily forget about all strategies that might get you there, and release control of the outcome. You feel me?

step four: the mind work

Here’s the thing, no matter what you want, if your subconscious mind, for whatever reason, doesn’t believe that you can have it, you just wont manifest it. No matter what your morning routine looks like, how pretty your vision board, is or how productive you are every day😎.

📝 Enter line writing. I highly recommend writing down exactly what you want, as if it’s already a reality for you, then write it over and over again. Yep, write lines, exactly how you did ’em in detention (or if you were more of a teachers pet type, just as you saw Bart Simpson do in detention mmk?).

Writing your desired reality down repeatedly on paper will slowly convince your subconscious mind that it is possible, and that you’re already living it! From here, you can begin to shift your subconscious thought patterns, and manifestation begins to unfold in your favor. It sounds simple (and it is) but* 🤯🤯

step five: take inspired action

Now that you are clear on what you want to manifest (by writing out your goals) and have done the foundational work that aligns with your goals (gratitude, letting it go and mindset work), it’s time to take action!

You cant just charge your crystals, think about that 20k and *poof* it appears (If you can… please show me your ways… but until then, we gotta werk).

This is where your action plan comes into effect (I admit this is my favourite part). Take your goal and figure out each action step that you’ll need to take in order to make that goal a REALITY for you. From there, take action on the first step of the goal right away.💥💥

show the universe💫 that you’re willing to PUT IN THE WERK, and she’ll show up to put in just as much work as you do.

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So, what are your biggest goals right now? I’d love to hear the techniques you’re using to manifest the crap out of them!