How to plan your most profitable year in business

When it comes down to it, having your most profitable year in business is all about creating the big vision.

Numbers are important AF 🤓 but you need to get CRYSTAL clear on your goals in order to make profit and not hit repeat on last year (‘cause we’re playing much BIGGER this time).

No more throwing out resolutions and crossing your fingers.

We’re breaking it down so that you stop dreaming and start doing the big things in your business that you’ve been dreaming of since you bought your domain name AND we’re backing things up with the WHY so you’ll get more satisfaction from your achievements.

Trust me Girl, this is what keeps you moving forward when your take-over-the-world motivation wanes and those new year vibes start slacking (#guiltyascharged)😎.

step one: look back

If you’re anything like me, you live in the future and say ✌ to the past. BUT in order to plan this epic year, it’s super important to look back at last year. Capitalizing on your wins and learning from your losses is what fuels GROWTH📈.

Ask yourself these questions in order to look back at last year quickly, painlessly, and snag the important details so we can move on.

🤎 QUESTION ONE: What business mindset practice has been working for you this year?

🤎 QUESTION TWO: What mindset has NOT been working for you? (what’s holding you back beb?)

🤎 QUESTION THREE: What community growth worked last year? (what strategies produced the most engagement?)

🤎 QUESTION FOUR: What community growth strategies haven’t worked? (you know when you’re putting in the work and just hearing crickets)

🤎 QUESTION FIVE: What nourishing techniques worked last year? (you’ll know they worked because you get great feedback, and it feels good doing it! Think live videos, emails, free trainings, Instagram stories etc)

🤎 QUESTION SIX: What nourishing techniques didn’t make much impact?

🤎 QUESTION SEVEN: What sales techniques worked? (think hard here, did those live videos get people on the phone with you? Did that sales page really get people’s attention? Sales calls? urgency?)

🤎 QUESTION EIGHT: Which sales techniques DIDN’T work?

👉 ACTION STEP: Now, the last step is to create an epic “not working / stop doing list” these are the things you’ve been doing that you REFUSE to let dampen your fire next year.

step two: how do you wanna feel?

Open up a freshie page in your notebook and brainstorm all the ways you want to FEEL next year. The important thing about this exercise is to NOT write down all the things you want to do or have. We’re chasing the way it’s gonna feel once you get there.

After you’ve narrowed it down to 3 or 4 feelings, decide how you can feel that way right now. What can you shift in your real life in order to feel this way?

For example, if you think 5k months will make you feel FREE✈️✈️, what if you decided to take more impromptu weekend road trips next year because those ALSO make you feel more free.

Here’s the thing, like attracts like. Start feeling that way NOW and you’ll notice you start feeling that way more and more in other areas of your life too. PLUS, if what you really want is freedom, then you’re already living it right now!

Now think about what you can accomplish in your business that’s going to satisfy those same juicy feelings. (ex: maybe you feel more FREE when you stop writing blog posts and start doing live videos every week? Do that.)

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step three: your big goal

Goal setting is my absolute FAVORITE part of planning a new, profitable AF year in my business💸💸. For this step, I want you to chose ONE big goal that you want to accomplish next year. Let’s say you want to finally break the 6 figure mark in your business (Or 7 figures, Dream big, Girl.)

Now, break your goal into smaller projects you can accomplish each quarter. If your goal is 6 figures by the end of next year, that means you need to make 25k each quarter🤑. Maybe you’ll launch your signature program each quarter in order to meet that goal.

Break each quarter into 3 months and brainstorm your goals for each. Maybe one month you’ll host a webinar, the next you’ll grow your audience by submitting for podcast interviews, the next is all about nurturing your list, etc, assuming all these monthly goals lead to you hitting your quarter goal.

Now that you’ve outlined the next 12 months of your business (you overachiever, you😏), break each month down into 4 weeks. If you’re hosting a webinar in February, spend one week creating the slides, one week writing promo material, etc.

By the end of this planning sesh, you’ll know that every single thing you do has a bigger purpose and leads up to crushing that big goal.

step four: the calendar

I don’t know about you but I LIVE for planning. Envisioning all the things I’ll accomplish next year better than putting on warm clothes out of the dryer. But here’s what I know for sure.. having a big picture vision is incredible, but the most important step of planning your year is creating the foolproof action steps to get you to the big goal you want.

Take yourself seriously. Add these things to your calendar📅, hold yourself accountable, and make it YOUR BUSINESS to know exactly what you need to do every day to get you there! What’s your BIG GOAL for next year?