Morning routine for your most productive day

Before I established a morning routine, I struggled HARD to get out of bed and start my day.

Most mornings either looked like a mad dash to my computer to catch up on #allthethings or hitting snooze 27 times to avoid my fate.

I’d totally skip over self care and ALWAYS felt like a hot mess in the AM (let’s be real…the rest of the day didn’t look much better).

Even though everyone and their mother is preaching about morning routines, I’m gonna stand on that saaame soap box and tell you the same damn thing. HABITS and ROUTINES that prioritize taking care of yourself are the most important element of your kickass, productive AF day and they transformed the way I feel about my business.

Now, I glide through my mornings like fkn cinderella getting dressed by birds.

But real talk, so many of my clients know how important mornings are for entrepreneurship and it’s one of the things I get asked the most about. That’s why I’m letting you creep all over mine.

6:30 wake tf up

I used to be a serial snoozer but I’ve done a few things that have changed the way I handle my morning wake up call.

I’m obsessed with the idea of waking up peacefully and at my own pace so I set my alarm sound to birds chirping (lol) and only hit snooze ONCE. For me, hitting the snooze button feels like I have the luxury of taking my time (because we earned that shit. #amiright). Then I usually rest in bed for about 15 minutes max before getting up.


I start my morning officially with a glass of lemon water which I usually prep the night before or on sunday. Trust me, when you’re recovering from lazy anonymous, prepping makes all the difference and saves so much time.

🥑 6:50 MIND FOOD

Every morning I take 5-ish minutes to write in my gratitude journal. Lately I’m obsessed with using this 5 Minute Journal because it has structure, prompts, and questions for me to contemplate & answer. This helps me set goals in a way that isn’t so much about the to-do’s (I’ll have plenty of time for that later) and instead prioritizes the things that make me feel fulfilled.

🧘🏻‍♀️ 7:00 YOGA

I always include some form of movement and yoga in my morning routine even if it’s as little as 10 minutes (if I’m feeling feisty I’ll go for 30).  Before I start, I put a drop of essential oil on the skin between my nose and lip (currently using wild orange from Doterra) to put me in that zen meditative and calming mood. There’s something about the ritual of it that I can’t get enough of.

🙏 7:10 meditation

After I’ve warmed up my body, I’ll spend 5-10 minutes in guided meditation. Right now, I use the Insight Timer app for my phone and usually set it to something with ocean sounds. This reminds me of the hour long 4am meditations (ya, that sh*t’s no joke) I’d do while in Costa Rica for yoga teacher training; and even though I’m not literally sitting by the ocean at 4am, it totally does the trick and gives me my zen fix for the day.

📝 bonus step: the lines

Sometimes, if I’m specifically trying to work on something, I’ll spend about 5 minutes writing my lines (basically affirmations that make me feel like Rihanna). These can be anything from money mindset to self love. Right now, I love breaking out the sage and writing, “The more I have, the more I share.” in my favorite notebook to get me in money making shark mode (with a side of Mother Teresa).

☕️ 7:15 coffee

At 7:15 am, my coffee machine goes off so I’ll pour myself a cup (if I’m feelin’ fancy, I’ll make an almond milk latte) and crawl back in bed with my bf. This is our time to talk, watch motivational videos, and just spend quality time together before our days begin.  

😎 7:45 get ready

Time to get cute (or at least clean).

I’ll be honest, sometimes I still hit my desk with a messy bun, face mask and some pjs.. Because #entrepreneurship buuuuut the truth is, when I get my shit together I do better work. I really hate to admit it but its the truth.

🥤 8:15 breakfast

For breakfast, I usually do a quick smoothie with my supplements. When it comes to supplements, my non-negotiables are essential fatty acids for brain function, B complex to sustain my energy levels, and ashwagandha to manage stress levels.

🥰 8:30-8:45: date with my desk

Before I jump right into the day, I take a few minutes to open my cal and get organized. I’ll scan everything that needs to get done, map out the times that I want to do those things, and choose 3 main things to focus on. When it comes to this part, I pull in Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map Planner to prioritize how I want to FEEL and make sure I incorporate at least one tiny thing that makes me feel exactly the way I want to in my to do list every day.

In addition to prioritizing my feels, I check in with my annual goals, try to reflect on how far I’ve come, and remind myself of WHY I’m showing up and crossing off the most important things on my list.

🤑 9:00 get the party started

This is when the magic truly gets started.

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