How to go from hot mess to entrepreneurial machine

Before I became productivity obsessed, I was a HOT freaking mess.

You wouldn’t have recognized this Alyssa a few years ago behind gallons of coffee, yesterday’s lululemons, and a to do list longer than the 8am line up at starbucks. 🙇‍♀️

But one thing I always had was a drive to make sh*t work no matter what. Thankfully, that  determination led me toward my productivity throne and attracted some badass women like you, who like me, just needed someone to throw them a freaking life raft.

So the other day I unearthed this video I made (#throwback) for turning any HOT MESS Into a productive AF entrepreneurial machine and I realised it is FULL of so many golden nuggets.

Check it out below & keep reading 🙂 

Today, I’m bringing these tips back to life AND throwing you a life raft in the form of this workbook! (blog + video + workbook = hot mess antidote)


step 1: determine what success looks like

This step is all about getting clear on your goals and thinking about WHY you want them. Do you want to feel more connected to your community? Do you wanna double your next launch goal $$$? 🤑 Chose 1-3 BIG things you want to focus on for the year ahead and make them mean something to you. Revisit these each month and use these babies as FUEL for that to-do list you’re about to tackle.

✅  step 2: compartmentalize your brain

If you’re anything like me, a mile-long to do list is a recipe for HOT FREAKING MESS. For this step, we’re taking that master list and organizing it into digestible compartments so you can breathe again. Brainstorm 💭 the 3 kinds of to-do lists that actually make sense for your life and business (no, you don’t need a list of potential holiday recipes mixed in with your work stuff.) I like to have one for day-to-day tasks, one for life thangs, and one for projects.

  step 3: make your to-do list doable

We allllll love to cross those little things off our list and feel accomplished…for a hot minute.

But what happens when you get to the end of your day and all you’ve done is organized your file cabinet, checked your emails, and made a header for your homepage?
Crickets in the bank account.

Chose the 3 most IMPORTANT tasks that’ll:
1. move your toward your big goals from the first step and

Once you’ve done these 3 tasks, go right ahead and make that fancy header for your homepage. 💁‍♀️

✅  step 4: map your project a-z

Take a good look at your big project and write down everythannnng that needs to get done in order to complete it. Then, next to each item, write down how long each task will take and BE GENEROUS (we’re avoiding hot mess, remember?). Prioritize each item in order of importance then schedule that ish in your calendar! ☝️

✅  step 5: create a purposeful calendar

Think about what you do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc and prioritize money making tasks (because you won’t earn that trip to Rome by scrolling IG). 📆 Then, next to each task, write down how long each thing usually takes you.

Group all tasks into categories (content creation, client work, etc.) and create a day of the week to work on each category.

Schedule everything under this system and you’re on your way to becoming an ENTREPRENEURIAL MACHINE!

Now that you’re savvy on how this works, here’s where you can grab up the workbook and really implement each of these steps 👇

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