How to set goals you’ll (actually) stick to

The new year is around the corner, which means…. it’s time for you to DREAM BIG GIRL!

But be honest, do you really accomplish your resolution goals?

Trust me, I didn’t always have my sh*t together. Every year I’d make a gorgeous vision board, spend a few weeks drinking ALL eight glasses of water, then fall off the healthy wagon and beat myself up over ice cream and Gilmore Girls.

Even though I was OBSESSED with vision boarding and goal setting (seriously, who can resist?✨), those pretty pictures didn’t always cut it. I was determined to make my dreams a reality so I became obsessed with something else – a no BS system for setting goals that actually stuck!
☝(‘Cause I’m a ‘have your cake and eat it too’ kind of girl.)

step one: find your big why

Think about your big, overall life goal. It’s important to connect with your “why” and be authentic about it.

Maybe you love to travel but haven’t gone further than your sister’s lakeside wedding for the last two years. There’s a Pinterest board full of magical destinations with your name on it and who doesn’t want to live the #laptoplifestyle with an ocean view?

Really explore why this matters and how achieving this goal will make you feel. Maybe travelling as a child helped you find purpose so you want to reconnect with that passion and take your life and business to the next level.

step two: visualize

Create a vision board, bujo spread, or paint a friggen’ mural on the wall but think outside the box. Print those pretty Pinterest photos, maps of backpacking routes, and the menu to that killer international restaurant with the tacos you LOVE.

Then post that ish everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Here are a few ways to make sure you always see your goals:

  • Tape photos on the fridge, mirrors, office desk etc
  • Change your passwords to things like “seeyouin_iceland” or “australiaorbust”
  • Set all alarms to, “One day closer to Paris!”
  • Overuse the heck outta this emoji: 🌍

step three: break it down

Break your big life goal into smaller goals. Chose a few and BE SPECIFIC. Use numbers and deadlines that are manageable. For example:

  1. Save X amount of money by Y date
  2. Cut my work week down by one full day so I have travel time
  3. Make it to 3 new countries by the end of this year

step four: create the action steps

No one’s handing out free tickets to Belize. If they are, you’d better grab me one! 😉

You need actionable steps to stick to your goals.

Think: How am I gonna do this thing? Then prioritize these steps. Action steps are the difference between achieving your goals and daydreaming over someone else’s Instagram. To cut down your work week, research ways to systemize and run your sh*t on autopilot. Try batching tasks, delegating, or ditching procrastination (my fav).

*If you need a hand making sure your productivity is firing at 100%, I have a great guide on detoxing your to do list to make sure you’re focusing your big goal.👇

step five: set a clear plan (with a calendar)

Get extra cozy with your calendar and create a timeline for each goal AND task.

If you need $8,000 by October, that’s $800 a month. Set clear deadlines for yourself. How many clients will you book each month to meet that goal? How will you get those clients? Maybe you’ll attend one community event per month? Then schedule those socials into your calendar so you don’t forget.

No matter what, hold yourself accountable. This is the new year, the new you, and you’ve got a new plan to crush your goals.

I believe in you.

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