How I turn strangers into high ticket sales

Okay, so you’ve started making some sales (check) but you’re starting to realise that you gotta pay for convertkit and your website hosting and wait…. how much do they take for taxes?

Congrats, you’ve officially made it to the BIG mindset shift that happens right before you take your business to the big leagues.

Now you’ve got your sights on high ticket clients – the ones you can spend more time on, go deeper with, and that see your worth BUT you’re wondering: 

HOW the heck will you convince anyone to pay that sexy $$ you have in mind?

Well, I’ve started using this system to not only close high ticket sales but how to do it ON AUTOMATE and without taking out another credit card just to pay mark zuck.

I’m all about efficiency and if you want to make more money or scale your business (I’m guessing that’s why you’re here) then you’ll need to figure out how to make sales more efficiently 

Let’s break this down.

step #1: know the power of persuasion

You’re the type of chick who gets the things she wants, right?

EVERYTHING in life is about persuasion and unfortunately it’s become a dirty word in the online business space (I’m not gonna preach that line about slimy sales). No matter where your money mindset it, here’s the truth: persuasion is really the ART of making the value of your product clear to your ideal client. 

Here are the 3 secrets to mastering persuasion and the psychology of sales: 

SECRET #1 – believe in what you’re selling. 

  • If you don’t, go ahead and find the door, and don’t bother trying to sell it.
  • If you’re worried about coming off as “too salesy” start with this blog post to make sure you have no limiting beliefs around sales and are ready to close like a shark 
  • If you DO believe in what you’re selling with your whole being then, proceed to secret #2 

SECRET #2you aren’t the sales person, they are.

The first thing people think of when they think of a creepy salesperson is that guy at the used car lot trying to convince you to fall in love with a piece of junk (ew). 🤮

This is what makes ppl get their back up, instantly stop listening, and put up a NO THANKYOU barrier. 

That’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid, and my favourite way to do this is to let THEM do 90% of the talking (and selling). 

You close not by SELLING, but by asking POWERFUL questions.😎

Think of questions that allow you to understand the person you’re selling to better, questions to get them to clearly see what’s getting in the way of whatever it is they desire and that position you as an expert at solving the problems they’re describing. 

By allowing your potential client to do most of the talking (and you most of the note-taking) you allow them to SELL THEMSELVES on your solution, and THIS is the key to secret #3. 

SECRET #3 – people will buy it if they want it.

It’s as simple as that. 

Think about ANYTHING you’ve bought in the last 12 months. It could be that plane ticket, the organic blueberries, or that bathrobe you kept seeing IG ads for. 

When did you pull out your credit card? 

Was it the first time you heard about it? The first time you saw the IG ad? The first time you considered if you wanted it or not? 


It was riiiight after you DECIDED YOU WANTED IT and that you wanted it NOW. 🙌

I understand I’m describing something really simple here, but that’s the key. Sales is SIMPLE. 

We buy things when we want them. (stop overcomplicating it!)

Your only job is to help your ideal client DECIDE that they want it. 

Keeping this in mind will allow you to stop trying to CONVINCE anyone of anything, and allow THEM to sell themselves on the idea that they WANT IT. 

Extra credit for adding a little urgency so that they WANT IT, and they want it NOW.

step #2: set up a tripwire funnel

You already know you need a freebie (everyone and their mom is talking about the power of sales funnels) but there’s a second step that is HIGHLY undervalued and one of my top secrets to making more sales at a higher ticket price AND getting LOTS of new leads everyday.

AFTER your freebie comes a thank you page, right? Listen carefully: ON THAT THANK YOU PAGE offer your clients a tripwire. 🤑🤑

If you don’t know what a tripwire is, it’s basically a low cost offer that’s HIGHLY valuable and gets them the results they want (usually the same result from your freebie) even faster. Consider this a way for your people to go in deeper. 

Now let’s dig into the psychology: The tripwire works by giving you your first big yes. This is usually the first time someone buys from you, and assuming they like it, increases their likelihood to buy later by 70% (that means your high-ticket offer). 📈

It’s also a way to get really cheap leads. If you’re using facebook ads (which I highly recommend for automating your lead generation) then, when a certain percentage takes you up on that small offer, you have a little cashola to help cover that ad spend. 

And more leads = more opportunities to test out your new powers of persuasion. 

Humble brag here: We’ve nailed this down so well with some of my clients that they’re getting 20+ leads per day FOR FREE (meaning the amount they make per day exceeds the amount they spend on their ads). 

step #3: take action

Ok so now you know the 2 big steps for turning strangers into high ticket sales but STEP 3 is the most important…

IT’S TIME TO TAKE ACTION. Those high ticket sales aren’t going to come to you without a little effort on your part. Grab the art of selling workbook 👇 and, if you don’t have one already, add a tripwire to your list of projects this week! 

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