Black lives matter systemic change action plan

this is NOT an exhaustive list and it’s not meant to be. These are the steps my team and I have taken so far and done our research on. My suggestion is to START HERE if you need somewhere to start. Then, do the work and continue your own research. This is just the beginning.

step one: take action politically

In my books this is the most important first step. If you haven’t looked into how you can exercise your democratic rights then START NOW, and I recommend looking into how you can make your voice heard locally as well. 

Send these emails: 

Click each link below for auto populated & pre-written email templates to relevant officials. Plug in your name and location & send. It literally couldn’t be easier, no excuse. 

Sign these petitions: 

These are a great start, I recommend continuing to do the work by finding other petitions to sign that resonate with you:

step two: fund the cause

Here are a few that I’ve donated to and believe in. If you don’t resonate with these, find ones that you DO believe in, and if you’re able, set up recurring donations so keep this momentum going. 

step three: show up

There are ongoing protests, and ways to protest in person and virtually. Look for one near you, put on a mask and show up

I also really enjoyed this post about virtual protesting 

step four: speak up

First we need to unlearn, then speak up and start having anti-racist conversations offline. 

Learn and unlearning resources 

OK time to speak up, and not just with the people who agree with us already. I know this can be scary, here are some resources on how to have conversations OFFLINE

step five: use your buying power

There is massive power in your wallet. And you can vote for the change you wish to see with every purchase you make. This means you can actively seek out black owned businesses and companies that have made a commitment to equality. Think about what’s on your to-buy-list or wishlist, and consider using your buying power to support Black-owned businesses.

Here are a few I love:

step six: diversify your feed

I’m embarrassed to admit that when I really took stock, the majority of my social media feeds, bookshelves, and podcast playlists were made up of ppl who looked and sounded just like me. What’s worse is that this was actually shocking to me, I was completely unaware, and that’s the problem. This is how we stay stagnant, and I’m committed to GROWTH. Here are some of the accounts my team and I love, and think you might enjoy too 🙂