The productivity hack rich people use

Listen, if you’re anything like my clients  (or basically any other entrepreneur I’ve met) then you’re after that juicy $10k months💸💸, first-class, work-from-the-beach goal. 

Maybe you’ve been in the game for a little while and you feel like you’re doing EVERYTHING it takes to get there (aka setting a sexy goal and spending lots of quality time with your laptop..) but you’re just not hitting that mark? 

So what gives? Here’s the good and the bad news: 

The bad? I’ve seen this more times than I can count. 

The good? There’s a solution. 

And the secret can be found when taking a closer look at how the rich are hitting those goals (and frankly much bigger) with EASE. 

When you look close you’ll notice they rely LESS on putting their big goal on a vision board (not knockin’ it), but MORE in their use of two key things they’ve MASTERED. 


There are usually two MAJOR things entrepreneurs are missing when it comes to hitting any goal and today I’m breaking down how we apply the productivity hacks of the rich to ANY business model. 

hack 01 they habitualize their profit makers

Better than setting a goal is to have habits set up to get you there. 


Here’s a quick COLES NOTES on how habits work. There are 3 main parts:

  1. The QUE – this is what triggers you to take action
  2. The RESPONSE (or the habit) – this is the action you become programmed to take
  3. The REWARD – this is the thing that keeps you coming back for more 

Let’s say you have a MORNING gym habit, it might look something like this 

  1. The QUE – I wake up 🌞
  2. The RESPONSE (or the habit) – hit the gym 🏋️‍♀️
  3. The REWARD – endorphins, better energy for the rest of your day, feeling BAD AF 💪

Now, I get the INSTANT reward of endorphins, but the TRUE function of this habit is that when we look at my long term results, I’m getting healthier and healthier by having THIS HABIT. The more I execute on this habit, the better my results become. ✨

This is what the rich apply to their businesses🤑. They have habits in place that they do without even noticing (they’re habitual) but when you take a look at the long term results they are getting richer 📈 and richer by having this habit. 

Ask yourself, how can you apply a HABIT into your business right now that will allow you to see the trajectory of your goal trending UP? 

Habits + patience = long term, repeatable results. 

If your goal is to hit that $10k/month mark, I HIGHLY recommend introducing DAILY PROFIT HABITS into your business now. 

  1. Mind 🤯 – entrepreneurship is a mental game, create a daily practice to eliminate self sabotage 
  2. Grow 📈 – create a daily habit of growing your audience consistently
  3. Nourish 🌱- warm up your potential clients with high value content
  4. Offer 💸- make daily calls to action that lead to profit
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hack 02 they create a system to reach their goals

The rich don’t set goals, they set SYSTEMS in place to make their *goals* inevitable

So what are systems?

Think of a system as a piece of the machine. Each piece works individually, and as part of your SYSTEM to help you achieve your goal. 

Let’s use a gym example. You have a goal to lose 5lbs so you create a SYSTEM to help you achieve that goal. 

Your system looks like this: 

Part #1 – You’ve hired a trainer. 

Part #2 – Your neighbor watches your kids every morning for an hour while you workout 

Part #3 – Your car (you drive to the gym) 

Part #4 – Your gym membership 

Now, if you’re MISSING any one part of this system, you will be MUCH less effective

The trainer has to reschedule? Neighbour can’t make it? Car breaks down? You’re less likely to hit your goal.

BUT when all of these individual parts of your system are WORKING as whole, hitting your goal will become INEVITABLE.

Ask yourself, when it comes to my big goal, what SYSTEMS can I put into place that all work toward me hitting that goal? How many of those can I put on autopilot?

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If your goal is to hit 10k months, I recommend creating a system that will help you generate new, qualified leads (think marketing systems) and a sales system that will help you CLOSE those sales. To go deeper into what I think are the BEST of these systems are, click here. 

You can SAY you’re going to lose 5 lbs or hit those 10k months but if you have bad eating HABITS then your results will not align.  If you don’t have a system for success (like your WORKOUT system ☝️) there will be a lot of opportunities for self-sabotage. 

Use HABITS and SYSTEMS together to create foolproof results. 

Once I did this, my business completely changed and I KNOW this can be a positive change for your business too. 📈

Wanna know what systems you should have in your business? Here are the systems and workflows I think every business should have. 

Now that you have this high-level understanding of how habits and systems work in your business, take a look at what’s actually happening all of the time in your business. Are your habits profit-driving? Are you creating systems? And, most importantly, ARE THEY WORKING TOWARD YOUR GOAL?