Where you should be spending your time

When I first started my business I was a MAJOR snoop-er. 🤫 I would ask any entrepreneur I could get in front of (online, at networking events, even at the chiropractor’s office): 

“Can I look at your calendar?” 

Now I know how invasive that question is because usually when I’d ask, I was met with a look that made me wonder if I’d just accidentally asked to see their BRA? 🤷‍♀️

But here’s the thing, I was desperate to know what entrepreneurs were actually DOING every day. Because my to do list was 25 pages long, I had Pinterest boards filled to the max with “when I have time” projects but I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that I JUST WASN’T DOING THE RIGHT THINGS. 

So it’s probably no surprise to you that as soon as I figured it out, it became pretty much the ONLY thing I wanted to talk about! 📢

Because knowing what you should be doing each week as an entrepreneur is not only gonna save you from asking entrepreneurs about the only thing more sacred than their bras, but it’s the KEY to profit. 

What you need is a system of systems

Every business is a system made up of other systems. That’s kinda it… it’s simple (ish). 

BUT you need them all to be working harmoniously together 

This blog post is going to break down EXACTLY where I spend my time each and every week and the 4 systems I use to scale my business on autopilot . 

💸 system number one – the sales system

This is your biggest system and where 40% of your time should be spent. That means if you’re working 30 hours a week you should be spending 12 hours on sales. 

Yes, you read that right. 

40% of the time are you making offers? On discovery calls? Hosting webinars? Guest podcasting? Launching your programs? 

Every. Single. Week. 

You want  this to be a nice combination of automation and actively showing up for your sales system. 

🚀 system number 2 – the marketing system

Sales and marketing are two peas in a pod. Together they ensure your biz runs like a well-oiled machine

Ideally, you are spending 25% aka 7.5 hours of that 30 hour work week, in marketing. 

And I don’t just mean spending a quarter of your week hanging out in canva 👀

We’re talking social media marketing, content creation, live trainings, writing copy, emailing your list annnnnd creating & designing marketing materials with your BFF canva. 

📈 system number 3 – the growth system

This is the system I see missed a lot. 

20% of your work week should be spent growing your community in any which way possible. 

What does your automated growth systems look like? Do you have a kick-ass sales funnel? How are you networking? 

PS. 20% of a 30 hour work week is 6 hours. 

💻 system number 4 – the operations system

MOST people are hanging out in this system. 

This system is all about talking to your team, admin tasks, accounting, service delivery, client care & experience, and program development. 

THIS is why you got into business. 

OK, nobody got into business for the admin and accounting side but i know you LOVE  developing the programs and curating the client experience. 

So of course you’re going to want to spend the majority of your time here. 

Buuuut if you want to have a massive impact (like I know you do) and scale on autopilot you should only be here 15% of the week. 

That’s 4.5 hours in a 30 hour work week. 

Of course this won’t always be the case. When you are creating and developing a new program you’re going to spend A LOT more than 15% of your week in operations. 

This is where you put your savvy systems to work. When creating the program how can you build into it as many automations as possible , the first time. So the next time you offer that product or service you will find yourself spending 15% of your work week (or less) on program delivery, client experience, onboarding and offboarding. 

The KEY word: AUTOMATE. ✈️✈️✈️

Automate. Automate. Automate. 

👉 This is exactly how I design my calendar. 👈

Now that you know exactly where you need to be spending your time each week, go ahead and ask yourself: 

  • What areas am I spending the most time in? 
  • What are my time percentages right now? 
  • Where should I be spending the most of my time? 

If you’re a  MAJOR snoop-er (like me) check out this training and discover the EXACT system I use to scale on autopilot. 

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