The first system you should set up in your new biz

You probably know I talk AH-LOT about systems around here, in fact my entire course Your Most Profitable Quarter Yet is based around setting up a self-sustaining system of systems in your online business. 

And maybe you’re over there like, ok – I’m with you… I’m ready to set up these so called “systems” but, um I’m just one person… what’s the best place to START????

Great question, 

I actually see people start this process somewhat backwards and I’m excited to share with you the #1 place you should begin when setting up any systems in your online business, so you can rest assured not only are you creating a system-asset for your business that will allow you to scale next quarter you’re ALSO doing it in a way that will create SIMPLICITY when you want to get moving on the rest of your systems 🙂


📈 the growth system

Basically, this means, building an audience of people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. 

We all have to start somewhere. 

In the beginning your audience on social media is likely going to be friends from high school, people from your old job and family members (which is adorable, but are they going to buy your product?) 

Maybe some of them will. 

But often what happens is… eager entrepreneurs skip filling their audience with dream clients and head straight to the OPERATIONS (building courses) or SALES SYSTEMS (making offers, webinars, and launching). 

If I could go back in time (anyone have a time machine?) I would put WAY more emphasis and WAY more money into building my email list wayyyyy earlier. 

If you’ve been in the online space for a hot minute, I’m sure you’ve heard how valuable emails are. 

Not to sound like a broken record but … it’s the #1 way we make sales. 

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You don’t own any of your Facebook or Instagram friends, but you do OWN those emails. 

AND people are way more likely to buy from you from inside their inbox vs. over social media. 

The more time you spend in the beginning growing your audience, getting to know what they want, what they’re struggling with and what outcomes they are looking for – the more you’ll know EXACTLY what transformation you can provide. 

So now when you get around to making your offer you have a group of people who actually care about the thing you’re offering and will be throwing their money at you 💸💸💸

Here are two questions you should be asking yourself to get your GROWTH SYSTEM in place AKA build that email list: 

👉 How can I grow my audience? 

👉 How can I do it actively and automated? 

Start with the growth system, get that really working well for you THEN start building the other SYSTEMS OF SYSTEMS on top of that.