How to stop procrastinating (and get sh*t done)

Well, if you’re here I already know a couple things about you

#1 you’re here for BIG THINGS and you’re not willing to settle for mediocre in your biz and life

#2 sometimeeeeesss… YOU LAZY.  😴😴

Girl, same. 

The whole reason I do what I do now is because I AM A RECOVERING PROCRASTINATOR EXTRAORDINAIRE 

Paper due on monday? You better believe I wrote it sunday night 🥴

Highly important, very exciting project launching soon? I’ll put that ish off until I’m sweating every time the thought crosses my mind. 😰

But i learned pretty quickly as an entrepreneur it doesn’t MATTER how “well you work under pressure” and how prone to procrastination you are, you better get your own self into shape because procrastination is NOT. A. CEO. HABIT. 

So, what do i do when those lazy days strike? In this blog post I share with you exactly how to get outta that funk ASAP and get BUSY with my 3 step process! 👇👇

😑 step one – your procrastination origin story

The real reason we procrastinate usually has nothing to do with why we THINK we’re procrastinating, which is why it’s essential to get to the root of the issue, and there’s no better way to do this than journaling. 

Open up your journal and ask yourself: WHY do i keep putting this off? I usually find my clients come up with 2 main reasons: 

#1 Fear 😣 – most times, the reason we’re procrastinating is due to some deep fear around the outcome. Maybe you’re worried about the outcome, maybe you’re scared of the process, maybe you’re worried what people will think once you’ve actually DONE THE THING.. Fear shows up in many many ways, and it’s your job to shine a light on it so it stops you from procrastinating any longer. 

You’ll probably notice once you put pen to paper, a lot of the time what you end up writing down might seem silly, what comes up can either make you realize oh, that thing i’m worried about will probably NEVER HAPPEN, thanks brain for trying to protect me but, im aok. 

Orrrr… maybe what you come up with is kinda true.. BUT once it’s down on paper you can actually come up with a strategic plan to prevent or eliminate the thing that you’re worried about so you can move forward without the procrastination. 

#2 Perfectionism 😳- (what some call, fear in heels) – So maybe you’re not afraid of it, but you’re putting so much pressure on it to be PERFECT that you’re paralyzed and unable to take action. 

But, i’m sorry to tell ya: we only learn through taking action. 

In this case, maybe you’re procrastinating because you don’t even know where to start? 

Then go ahead and ask yourself: 

  • WHO does know the first place?
  • Who can I reach out to? 
  • What program can I purchase? 
  • Is there a group I can join? 
  • What book do I need to buy? 

Figure out the REAL reason you’re procrastinating and the rest becomes pretty simply. 

😎 step two – create unstoppable momentum

This step is really the hardest. 

As soon as you have momentum it’s pretty easy to keep going, but getting the momentum can be tricky. 

Ao, I want you to start with your money making tasks FIRST. What are the revenue-generating activities that are going to give you that quick win? What is something that will help you book a client? make a sale? 

As soon as i get one of these wins I’M BACK BABY😎😎

So, ask yourself: what money making tasks can I knock out right now to give me that momentum I need to keep moving on the things I’m procrastinating on? 

If you don’t know what your money makers are – go ahead and steal mine here. 

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step three – use the power of the pomodoro

I talk about the Pomodoro Method all the time so I’m not going to spend this blog convincing you why you need to do it. 

Just take my word for it and DO IT because this is what actually works. 

Set a timer for 25 minutes, pick ONE thing to work on and close everything else (I’m looking at you with those 15 open tabs..👀). 

Then, get to work! The focus speed and quality of work you can produce in 25 minutes will knock your socks off. 

The rest is simple. It’s getting started that’s the hardest part and where we have the most resistance. So, go ahead and get out your journal, arm yourself with your money making tasks and set the tomato timer!! 

No time to procrastinate, your dreams are waiting.