How to hack your money mindset and increase your prices

Let’s have a heart to heart about your prices… 

First, let me share my experience:

When I first started my business I noticed that something insiiiiide me felt so damn uncomfortable selling my services, talking pricing and pitching my programs

EVEN THOUGH I was always a *top seller* at every job I had before this…. I knew it wasnt that I HATED sales, or that I didn’t know HOW to do it.. 

So .. what gives? 

Eventually I got a little more comfortable, but realized that my prices were SO LOW that I was barely paying my biz expenses but somehow drowning in client work.. 

Can you relate? Well, I had to learn one lesson the hard way and that’s that raising your prices and selling with confidences comes down to a liiiiitle mindset hack that can help even the most sales-shy of us. 

I’m sharing in today’s blog EXACTLY what that hack is, and how to use it to INCREASE those prices baby. Because we’ve got organic berries, ethically made wardrobes, and philanthropic endeavors to fund. You discounting your prices will 

But first I just need to say this…

You know those cute memes going around saying “know your worth and add tax”?

Albeit cute, they imply that your worth has to do with the price of your program, which it most certainly does not. 

Your worth is INTRINSIC.

Like… hello… the guy who invented zippers sells them for 25 cents yet he’s a billionaire!! 

Do you think he THINKS he’s worth 25 cents? NOPE. 

The price of your program has nothing to do with your worth and EVERYTHING to do with the value of the transformation 

And here’s how you figure out what that is. 

step one – take your temperature

Just throw a number out there, off the top of your head, what are you *considering* raising your prices too? 🤒

Write it down. 

step two – calculate the transformation

What is the transformation someone will have when working with you? 

For example, if you have a three-month program you are likely:

✔️ Holding someone accountable for three months 

✔️Creating working books, training videos, meal plans and other types of resources 

✔️Have a guided “signature” process or meth you take people through that gives them a specific transformation they are looking for 

Make a list of everything your programs and services include and start thinking of the VALUE of all these things. 

Ask yourself: what would someone pay for this transformation? What would someone pay to have this pain point completely removed from their life?

I’m willing to bet the answer would be A LOT. 

step three – calculate your hourly wage

Take the list you created in step two and add to it everything else you do within the program. 

👉 Do you have weekly group coaching calls? 

👉 Do you check in with your clients? How many times a week?

👉 Do you send emails every day? Do you check in via text? 

Write down EVERYTHING you do and how long it takes. 

Be super realistic here. Don’t exaggerate but also don’t undervalue how long things usually take you. Add up all these hours and divide it by the price you’re currently charging or the number you threw out when you “took your temperature”. 🤒

Now ask yourself: 

  • Is that number what you want to be making per hour? 
  • What is your dream income? 
  • What is your dream wage? 

Once you have all these dates points it’s no longer about just randomly pulling a number out of thin air – you know? 

You now have REAL HARD DATA on how long you’re actually spending on your clients AND how much their transformation is worth. 

Use the calculations you did in step two and three to come up with a realistic number that feels good to you. 

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step four – practicing the new number

If you aren’t comfortable selling the new number you’ve come up with – don’t! 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️

You won’t close the sale if you don’t BELIEVE in that number. 

Which means… we have to work on your delivery. 

Here’s my hack – 

If you currently charge 1000$ but realize the program is actually worth $3000 (after step two and three) you likely won’t feel confident jumping 2K right out of the gates. 

But if you do – bottle up some of that confidence and sell it to the rest of us please🙏🙏. 

Increase your price to 1500$ until you close a couple clients at that price point. Then increase it to 2000$, and so on….  

Before you know it you’ll selling with confidence and hitting these income targets (that I know you have… 👀)