How to plan a year’s worth of content in a day

Content planning used to drive me CRAZY.

If you break it down, there are 365 days in the year and 52 weeks of content to plan. This includes product launches, social media, blogging the works. Holy friggin’ guacamole.

I used to stress about what to write and when to write it. Plus, I’d worry about when to pitch my services or how to lead clients to my offer without throwing sloppy opt in’s everywhere (it’s a pandemic). I dreamed of being able to hop in my Facebook Group or onto Instagram and say what was on my mind in a way that was relevant to my brand and converted to sales 💸💸.

So, I put my my systems brain to work and found a method that would supercharge my productivity and free up headspace. Now, I write from a place of creativity and inspiration while getting everything else in my business done too. Yes Girl, it can be done!

Here’s my exact method for planning a year’s worth of content in one day! My clients are OBSESSED and I know you will be too. 😘

step 1: identify your four pillars

Start to think about your business in four main pillars, or section. These are the four main things you want to be known for so make them count! Let’s say, for example, that Nina is a health and fitness coach. She might want to talk about:

  • Self Care
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Supplements
  • Exercise

Brainstorm your topics and envision these as the four main quarters of your business. Each quarter you’ll be talking about something new (and relevant) and you’ll launch or approach your services according to these pillars.

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step 2: build out your pillar content

Use a google doc, trello board, or a fancy journal (there’s your excuse, you #journalhoarder 😉) to write down your 4 main pillars with 13 sections under each. Each section represents one week’s blog post topic.

For example, when Nina’s filling out content for her Nutrition Tips pillar, she might choose topics like “What You Should Never Buy From The Grocery Store” or “How Nutrition Saved My Life.”

So, under each pillar write 13 blog post topics that relate to that pillar topic in your business.

After I’ve done that I make sure I have a checklist ready for each one of my sections, so I know clearly what needs to happen to each of those brilliant ideas.

Here’s a sample checklist for each section. Adapt this to fit your specific biz needs.

  • first draft of blog post
  • draft corresponding email
  • Email scheduled in marketing automation service (mailchimp, convertkit, etc.)
  • Images created
  • Add content upgrade
  • Interlink with old posts
  • Fb live topic and talking points created
  • Pinned to Pinterest
  • Scheduled into Twitter and FB
  • IG related post scheduled
  • IG related story scheduled

Next, start brainstorming your freebies. Do you have a freebie that relates to each of your four pillars and leads into your signature offer? This is how you can include offers into blog posts seamlessly. Don’t harass people with your opt-ins like those kiosk workers at the mall. For real, don’t spray me with that perfume.

This is an exciting and SUPER easy, non-sleazy way to take your audience on a journey every single week (and quarter) with your content. Feels so profesh, right?

step 3: create inspired content

Now that you’re free from the stress of what to write, start writing your content from a place of inspiration. Schedule time to write each post and the corresponding content. Put that sh*t in your calendar! Remember to set deadlines that are specific and realistic.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while writing each blog post:

  • Think about titles that address a need or explain the benefits.
  • Use strong headlines and switch up the formatting- use bold and italics to visually break things up (and only if it makes sense!)
  • Use lists or numbered points.
  • Include fun images that relate to your brand. ✨
  • End with an action for your audience to take. Think, what’s the next natural step?

I can’t wait for this to change your life. It’s worked for my business and my clients can’t stop talking about it so I’m passing the baton (any bring it on fans here?)

Now go plan your content and ditch that friggin’ overwhelm! You’re welcome. 💕