How to plan your next 30 days like a CEO

It’s a new month! There’s not much I love more than a fresh start, and the 1st of the month is no exception. 

So, let me guess… you look to your vision board and dream up all the things you’re going to do, right?

👉 THIS month, you’re going to get your sh*t together.
👉 THIS month, you’re going to rebuild your website.
👉THIS month, you’re going to show up for every yoga class!
Until you realize, you’ve been saying “THIS Month” for months. 😒 

Go ahead and ditch that negative energy ‘cause I’m about to share a planning system & secret trick to finally make THIS MONTH your most productive 📈 month ever.

step 1: get specific

Think about your MAIN goal for your business, right now- in this moment. Whether it’s upping your client numbers, working a rebrand, or prepping for a launch, there’s always some big task ahead (‘cause you’re dreaming big, I know it 😉).  

I know it can be difficult to pick just one, but I believe in you.

Once you’ve defined your goal (make sure its not 5 goals wrapped up into one), get crystal clear on this sucker and I’ll show you how to make it happen!

step 2: brain dump

Write out everything on your to-do list.
And I mean, EVERYTHING. Break down that big goal into smaller projects, then break down those smaller projects into actionable steps.

Let’s say one of your projects is to organize your content strategy and write a month’s worth of blog content. Write down anything to do with content strategy that comes to mind:

Here’s an example:

  • Brainstorm and research blog topics
  • Draft each post
  • Edit each post
  • Buy cat food
  • Write corresponding social media posts
  • Write newsletters and emails for each post 
  • Clean out closet 
  • Schedule all content into wordpress and hootsuite. 

yep, you caught me, sometimes my brain dump includes a lot of randomness…

Take a second now to move any non-biz related things (like buy cat food) to another to do list that’s just for personal things.

step 3: batch that sh*t

Alright, now that you’ve brain dumped take a few minutes and start to notice any themes forming. Then, batch similar tasks from your brain dump into these themes.

Let’s pull three main themes from the example in step two:

  1. RESEARCH 🤓 – brainstorm blog ideas, research blog topics, source photos to go along with socials, take photos for blog,
  2. WRITE 📝 – draft the content for all the blogs, draft corresponding emails, write social media content
  3. SCHEDULE 📅 – polish all the content and schedule into wordpress, hootsuite and convertkit

Your brain 🧠 works better when you focus on similar tasks at the same time, although it might feel awesome to get one blog post done from top to bottom, this method helps you get ALL the blogs finished quicker, and helps you stay inspired while you do it!

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step 4: prioritize your to-do list

Take a deep breath. I know it might look longer than a Thanksgiving grocery list but you’ve got this.

Take things that don’t fit into your three main themes and either cut them out, or add them to next-month’s brain 🧠 dump. Is ‘clean out closet’ necessary, or are you just procrasti-cleaning?

Once you write it into next month, remove your energy and focus from it. Don’t let it take away from that productive fire you’ll be stoking these next 30 days! 🔥

Now, organize the remaining tasks by priority. You know, the tasks you put off for another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race? Not this month. You’re gonna tackle those things head on and feel SO DAMN GOOD as you check them off your list.

👉 Next, beside the tasks, jot down how long each will take. Make sure the times are REALISTIC. The point of this is to ACTUALLY get things done, not overestimate how much you can accomplish in an hour, then beat yourself up for it at the end of the day #amiright?

Put the most important things at the top, start moving things around so that what needs to be done first comes first, then your next logical task comes after that one. Once your list is starting to look like more of a roadmap you can move onto step 5. 👇

step 5: schedule everything

Remember when you batched the tasks and wrote times for each? Schedule 📅 those tasks into your calendar, giving yourself clear but generous deadlines.

And here’s some not-so-secret advice: STICK TO THAT SH*T.

💥Pro Tip: I think it’s really helpful to organize or “theme” your days of the week based on the types of tasks you do in your biz

Here’s a quick and dirty guideline I use with my clients:

  • Monday: big projects 
  • Tuesday: calls
  • Wednesday: business upkeep
  • Thursday: content creation
  • Friday: client work

**Don’t forget to schedule📅 time for personal things (because I know how easy it is to forget). Make lunch dates, book a massage, keep up with self care, etc. so you aren’t burnt out. (Read: write that stuff into your calendar, Girl!)

Now you’re ready to plan your most productive month! Grab my To-Do list detox (so you can really hone in on that list!) and work through the steps.

This month is gonna be FIRE!