The best organic growth strategy in 2023

If you’re looking to GROW and scale your biz this year then you are NO DOUBT looking to grow your audience. This is the foundation of any solid growth strategy, but maybe you’re marketing and advertising budget is a little …. Tight? 

Lol i hear you sister, spending $$ on advertising can be tricky especially before you have a consistent stream of leads coming in!

But, lucky for us there’s been NO BETTER time to leverage organic marketing that’s totally free! Even if you ARE using paid advertising every entrepreneur should be leveraging as much free organic growth as possible. 

That’s why this week im talking about the #1 organic growth method of 2023 and how every entrepreneur can use it to start to become KNOWN as the go-to expert in their niche 

Drumroll please… the #1 organic growth method of 2023 is … guest podcasting. 

👉 reason one – the referral

You gotta get your social proof. 

As soon as you are a guest on somebody’s podcast, their audience automatically sees you as a referral from someone they already know, like AND trust. 

The podcast host has grand loyalty and girl – you just got the stamp of approval. 

And if you run a small business, you know how powerful that referral is. 

Now you have a new hot lead. 

With that in mind it’s very important for you to leverage the referral source. 

This is your opportunity to show up and be seen as the go-to-expert in your niche and industry #getitgirl 

👉 reason two – get those hot hot leads

Guest podcasting isn’t about being weird and tacky and just selling your stuff on someone else’s podcast. 

But there are times where you can prompt people to follow you on social media or download one of your freebies. 

The people that download your freebie are going to be smokin’ hot. 

So not only are you getting more leads… which obvi is the goal, but you’re getting hot qualified leads. Not just freebie collectors. 

And we all know that warm leads become sales in a shorter period of time. 

There’s an entire process I teach in Pitch Perfect about leveraging the podcast hosts social media platform that I swear by. 

Because let’s be honest… people like working with people who are doing cool things like speaking on podcasts and doing live events.

👉 reason three – the mini launch

With guest podcasting YOU are the main attraction. 


The person who runs the podcast wants people to listen, right? So they are going to be hyping you up (thank you very much)

And of course you want people to listen to the podcast so you are going to be hyping up their show. 

They hype you up, you hype them up and all the sudden you have just created the easy breeziest mini launch of all time. 

If you have a pitch strategy and are actively going out and pitching yourself to podcast – not just sitting around waiting for someone to reach out to you – then you’re going to have these “mini launches” once a month at least.

And if you get really good at the PITCH… maybe even once a week. 

This will be a GAME.CHANGER. for your brand. 

Master the PITCH process. Blow up your brand. Become known in your industry. Become the authority. Make more sales. 

Have I convinced you yet?