How to make twice as much impact with every sale

Today I want to show you how to make giving back part of your growth strategy.

I’ve talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs from artists to influencers..

No matter what niche they’re in, the common ground I see between pretty much every entrepreneur that I’ve spoken to is that they’re here to make a big F-ing impact! 

I totally relate to that. 

If this is part of your mission, it’s important to understand the impact your business can have, and what role you play in that impact. 

If a give-back strategy is something you’ve been wanting to implement into your business model, like Renee, I’m going to show you exactly how I partnered with Kurandza as part of my growth strategy.

Partnering with amazing companies like Kurandza is much much bigger than just donating to a charity.

I love a good system and strategy, so of course there’s a strategy behind this type of partnership. 

So how do you implement a give-back strategy? 

🤎 step one – know your numbers

The first thing you want to do when building a give back strategy into your business is to figure out exactly how much you can and want to give back. 

In order to figure this out you’ll need to know two things.

First, how much does it costs your business to bring in new leads every month? Two, what is your income goal for the month? 

Let’s say your monthly income goal is 5k and your product price is 1k. 

You’ll need 5 new clients a month to hit your sales goal. But how much does it cost you to get these 5 new clients? How many new leads do you need to close 5 clients? 

If you need 500 new leads to close 5 clients every month, how much is that costing you? 

Maybe it costs you 1k in marketing to bring in those 500 new leads. Which means you should actually be making 6k a month in sales, in order to hit 5k.  Do you need to increase the product price? 

In order to decide how much you can and want to give back you need to know what your margin is (your income goal – the cost of your leads). 

🤎step two – decide and adjust

Now that you know your income goal and the cost of your leads you should have a much better understanding of your actual business margin. From here you can decide on how much you want to give to your nonprofit (and then adjust your number accordingly) 

Do you want to donate per month? Per sale? Per launch?


Decide on the percentage of every sale you want to donate to your chosen nonprofit. 

Let’s say you want to donate 10% of every sale. 

Go back to step one, subtract how much per sale you are donating and see how much you are taking home. 

Let’s say it cost you 2k a month to get 3 leads. What you’ve actually taken home is 3K. 

If for every sale you donated $100, that leaves you with $2, 500 a month. 

This is where you might want to re-adjust and increase your product price or increase your sales goal to leave some wiggle room every month. 

This is the option I use. A percentage of each of my sales from “The Productive Entrepreneur” goes to Kurandza .


If you are consistently hitting your 5k monthly income goal every single month it’s super simple to automate actually sending say $400 per month to your nonprofit. 

What I love about Kurandza is how simple they make this for you #thankyouKurandza 

You can send any price point … $20, $30, $500 or more per month… whatever floats your boat! 

Just make sure you are adding this into your budgeting as monthly expenses.


How this works is whenever you open enrollment to a specific program, a certain percentage of all the sales from the program during that launch will go to the nonprofit. 

For example, if I’m opening a group coaching program next month and bring in 10 new clients, then I know I can sponsor a girl to go to school for an ENTIRE YEAR through Kurandza  

How amazing is that?! 

This give-back strategy is always really fun and exciting to get your clients to rally around. When they purchase your program they can feel really good about the fact that they’re helping to send a girl to school.

Plus it’s an amazing way for you to promote your chosen nonprofit to everyone who joins in on your launch, so even those who decide not to work with you … you’ve now introduced them to an amazing nonprofit you care so much about.

Another bonus is, when people are looking through my sales page trying to decide whether or not they think I’m the coach for them, they get to know my mission and truly understand the impact I’m looking to make.

I find this totally helps with my mindset going into sales calls and it incentivises my prospective client because for every person who joins my program they know that a portion of their purchase is being sent to a girl in need. 

So there you have it. Three different strategies you can implement into your business model to donate to your nonprofit.  

So go ahead – do your numbers – and figure out which strategy works best for your business.


Now that you’ve figured out if you’re donating per sale, per month or per launch it’s time to find an organization that aligns with your business. 

Take a look at the main mission of your businesses or your life and try to find an organization that aligns with that. 

When people join the Productive Entrepreneur a big part of my mission is to empower women to become leaders in their industry and in their organization.

Knowing that a portion of my sales is going to women in Mozambique who are starting their own businesses and becoming self-sufficient PLUS sending little girls to school, aligns massively with my mission. 

I strongly believe that every girl has the right to be educated. 


The next step that I took was to actually reach out in multiple Facebook Groups. I googled my heart out and I couldn’t actually find anything like this. I posted in a bunch of Facebook groups specifically asking for nonprofit organizations that empower females, female entrepreneurs or entrepreneurships. 

Luckily Elisabetta from Kurandza reached out to me and we figured out how I could become their first giveback partner. This is something I’m really proud of because now they have a thriving giveback program. I think it’s really exciting to be able to grow WITH this organization, and see how many female entrepreneurs are actually making this a part of their growth strategy. 

If you feel like Kurandza would be a good fit for your business here’s the link to partner with them >>


I’ve partnered with Kurandza + Elisabetta to help them use education & entrepreneurship to empower women to become leaders in their communities & send girls in Mozambique to school from my sales of The Productive Entrepreneur. 

👉 Check out my partnership spotlight on Kurandza’s website.

Kurandza (which means “to love” in Changana, the local language ) is a non-profit social enterprise that invests in the future of women in Mozambique. Founded by Elisabetta Colabianchi in 2014.

Kurandza works to empower women and their community through education, entrepreneurship and sustainable development programs in Guijá, Mozambique.

I have had a really incredible experience with this nonprofit.

Not only do I give a portion of my sales to Kurandza and sponsor a girl to go to school … I also try and get involved with other causes and campaigns that excite me. 

Check out all Kurandza’s amazing partners here.


Not only do I feel empowered because I know I’m making double the impact with every single client I bring on, but it really helps if you’re struggling on sales calls.

By giving a portion of my sales to a cause I discovered that it helps me sell like crazy! 

In general women sometimes have a hard time selling, especially when they are selling personal services.

I hear “sell like a man” being thrown around on the web A LOT. Which translates to “sell hard and don’t be ashamed to sell”. I agree but I also think you can sell like a woman.

Every dollar that I make allows me to invest in myself and other people so I can raise my vibe and I can help them raise their vibe. I think when you start seeing money that way it flows to you so much easier.

This IMO is selling like a woman!           


In the early days, baby entrepreneur Alyssa felt a little bit uncomfortable on sales calls because I wasn’t trying to sell people on making an impact. I was trying to sell people on giving me their money.

This gets tricky and can feel really uncomfortable, even in the beginning. But I’ll tell you one thing – if you know a portion of every single one of your sales is going to a nonprofit it becomes so.damn.easy to sell. 

When I used to work for nonprofits and NGOs I was the best campaigner. So if you’re sending a percentage of every sale to charity you’re not selling your product or service you’re campaigning for a charity you feel super passionate about. 

It makes selling feel like you’re selling girl guide cookies again. We were all good at that weren’t we?! 

This is how I sell hard, without feeling ashamed.

I sell hard when I KNOW that someone is ready for transformation. And I’m not just being a sleazy salesperson for the sake of my own bank account.

I’m selling because I know they’re going to have a kickass transformation PLUS a woman in Africa is also going to have her life transformed as well. Which is pretty freakin’ amazing if you ask me.

So if you need that little push, this is that little spark under your butt to help you SELL LIKE A WOMAN.  

Not only do I partner with Kurandza to help them use education & entrepreneurship to empower women to become leaders in their communities, I also send a girl to  school every year with the “I Stand For Girls” campaign. 

Interested in doing the same? Here is all the information you will need to spread the word and build an online campaign >>


For $20 a month or $240 a year you can sponsor a girl to go to school for a year.

To sponsor a girl please go to >>


Not able to make a monthly or yearly commitment? No problem. Every little bit counts! You can choose to give any amount you wish. 

Not only does this one time donation help to educate girls in the classroom, but this program also includes extra curricular activities, school supplies, tutoring, health education and empowerment workshops. 

To give a one time donation please go to >>

🎀 JOIN THE #istandforgirls movement

To join the movement and spread the word about the campaign (before the last day of sept)

  1. Get all the tools you need (details about the campaign, sample posts & actual images you can use that are really well done) >> 
  2. Post on socials (I’ve had great results with IG posts & IG stories) 
  3. Tag @lovekurandza 
  4. Tag (I’ll re-post any that I’m tagged in) 
  5. Sponsor a girl – sometimes spreading the word can be even more valuable than just making a donation, but obviously if you can, now is a great time to help send a girl in Mozambique to school. 


  1. Safe transportation to and from school (it’s like, really far…)
  2. School fees & Tuition
  3. Books
  4. Uniform
  5. Backpacks
  6. School Supplies

If you have any questions about my experience with Kurandza or Sponsoring a Girl let me know 🙂.

I hope this post helps you choose the giveback strategy that works best for your business & inspires you to look for new ways to incorporate societal change into your model.