How to create your first funnel using ConvertKit

In the online space you’ll find TONS of people who say things like.. “how I made 6 figures without a sales funnel.” or “how to make 10k/month 🤑🤑 without any annoying complicated funnels”

And while this can totally be done, the HARD TRUTH is that if you’re savvy about your business (and I KNOW you are) then not having a sales funnel is just negligent. #sorrynotsorry 🤭

MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER by automating sales and helping your ideal clients like you more in the process, with a sales funnel.

Because this is suchhhhh a hot topic, I’m breaking down a super BASIC sales funnel with training videos to help you put them to work right away. So #noexcuses.  🙅‍♀️

My fave platform to do this with is Convertkit because they’ve designed their entire service with online business owners like you and I in mind. Trust me, they’ve incorporated countless features to make our lives WAY easier and help us be productive af.

If you don’t have Convertkit, no problemo. These are the same steps we apply in EVERY sales funnel and they work with Mailchimp, Aweber, Active Campaign etc. I personally LOVE Convertkit but this post is for everybody. <3

Plus, (since I won’t shut up about Convertkit) they’ve offered a free 30 day trial to accompany this blog. Click here 💻 to snag yours.

step one: gather your community

If you’re already on a roll and have list of subscribers, hell yes girl! 👯‍♀️ You’ve already taken a HUGE step in the right direction. If you’ve previously used platforms like Mailchimp or Active Campaign, np. Let’s get them over to Convertkit and make sure your community is all in one place (#lazygirlhack). If you’re starting from scratch, move straight to step 2!

step two: create killer content

Creating content (that’s crazy valuable) is THE best ways to nurture your audience and show off your expertise. Your content (blogs, youtube, podcasts, etc) is how you’ll entice cold leads into your business & deliver them HIGH QUALITY solutions to the problems they’re struggling with (this post you’re reading is an example of step 2). This is the ENTRANCE to your sales funnel, so get yourself a nice door mat, tidy up a little and make them feel welcome!

Your content is also where you’ll collect emails via opt-in’s – aka lead magnets or freebies – (we’ll dive into this more in step 3) so it’s important to create awesome free content then share it everywhere online, buuut before you share it, please proceed to step 3.

You need an opt in. If you’ve downloaded one of mine (like this one, or  this one, or his one) you’ll notice i’m pumping these out all the time and making them REALLY FREAKING VALUABLE (imo lol).

This is a free product you give to your ideal client in exchange for their email, and their permission to continue to email them. This is the beginning of your relationship, so put in some effort and make a good impression with your freebie ok?

step three: design an opt in page

Once you have the freebie you’ve gotta get to the techy part and create a page where you’ll collect emails. This might seem like you need to know how to code OR hire a designer OR buy some other fancy design software…

BUT it’s getting easier and easier to do this and convertkit makes its super easy for you. Check out the video below for a step by step tutorial. If you’re not using CK, just use your trusty business partner YOUTUBE and you’ll be able to find a tutorial fosho.

Once you have an opt in page, make sure you talk about it all the time in your content (step 2) once it’s mentioned in your content its time to share those blogs etc EVERYWHERE.

step four: write a delivery email

Now that you’ve got their email, it’s your J-O-B to make sure they get the freebie they asked for LIKE ASAP. The next step is to write a “delivery email” that says something like…


Thanks for downloading this awesome free thing I created.

Here’s a link to download it asap – insert link here –

xo Alyssa

Simple right???? After you’ve written this fineeee piece of literature, schedule that email into Convertkit so that it’s delivered to their inbox without you ever lifting a finger.

Click here to subscribe

step five: write a welcome sequence

Okay, this is where things get juicy and I want you to realllllllly pay attention here.

Step 6 is where you send a series of 4-6 emails to your new subscribers over the next couple of weeks. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP so don’t skip it.

These emails are where you really form a bond with your subscribers, so you want to write emails that will show them:

  • A little more about you and how you’ve overcome similar problems to the ones they’re facing now.
  • That you create really awesome free content that is valuable to them (share links to your most popular posts or write emails that give tips to solve their biggest problem.)
  • Also, use this time invite people into other parts of your community (like a fb page, your pinterest, etc) that A: provides VALUE and B. nurtures the heck out of them.

step six: make a juicy offer

We’re getting to the good stuff now! As you write your welcome sequence, you can def start talking about your offer around email 4 or 5. Begin with ONE offer and really paint the picture of how your offer can solve their biggest problem. Then, invite them to take ACTION by booking a call with you, checking out your sales or services page, or hitting reply and messaging you directly.

Make this email GOOD because you’ll only need to write it once then it will a-u-t-o-m-a-t-i-c-a-l-l-y be sent out to every new subscriber from now ON!

This is the KEY to having discovery calls booked in your calendar while you sleep, walk the dog, or hit up yoga class. Put in the work ONCE and reap the rewards continuously. #THATSPRODUCTIVITY

🤎 bonus step: track your numbers

Now that you’ve got the basic sales funnel set up, how the heck do you know it’s even working?!

✔️ Are people booking into your calendar?
Do they like the emails?

The best way to find this out is to track your numbers (don’t worry, I hate math too so I’ll keep things simple.)


1. How well is your opt in page converting? 📈 Out of all the people who click on your opt -in page how many ppl actually give you their email?

if your conversion rate is low (below 30%) then you need to tweak the copy on that page to make your freebie sound as amazing as I know it is!!

2. How are your email open rates? 💌 Out of all the people you send emails to how many actually open them?

if your open rates are low (below 20%) tweak the subject lines of your nurture sequence emails to make them more clickable!

Another option is to segment your list for higher open rates (this helps delivery of your emails and encourages more people to open your emails. Here’s a really cool way to set up a link trigger survey in the video below.

3. How are your click rates? 💻 Out of everyone who opens your emails how many click on the thing you want them to click?

Every email should have a “call to action” aka something you want your reader to click. If your click rates are low (below 5%) then make sure your call to action sounds super sexy and mention it a couple times throughout the email.

Not as scary as it sounds right!?!?!😏😏