The truth about sales and why you’re not hitting your sales targets

There’s something weird happening in the online space that’s left a bad taste in my mouth.

Female entrepreneurs are scared of SALES.🤑🤑

I see it in every Facebook group, hear it on calls with you, and in the comments of so many of my blog posts.

“I don’t wanna sound too sales-ey.”


If I know one thing about you it’s that you’re G-O-O-D at what you do, AND you got into this entrepreneurship game to make a freaking impact. So there is NO WAY we’re gonna let SALES be your Achilles heel.

Here’s the truth about WHY you need to start selling yourself harder…

Selling is how you change lives. If you don’t sell the thing you’re AMAZING at, you can’t help the person who really needs it. And THIS is why I’m sharing the only important things you need to know in order to sell to your ideal client without ever feeling icky or “too sales-ey.” Click below to watch the video and grab the workbook I created to help you dig deep and get to the bottom of your new sales strategy.

👉 The key to selling effortlessly is to get really clear on your client’s needs

The truth is that you are solving a problem for a specific type of person (who you’re excited to work with AND who your skills are suited to help).

And in order for you to sell to them, you must have a deep understanding of their specific needs and why YOU would be the best person to solve their problem.

In order to get REALLY CLEAR and apply the psychology of sales to your own process, you must ask yourself these 4 critical questions:

So grab your workbook 👇 and a big cup of tea so we can dig in!

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question one: what are the amazing outcomes that someone will get after they work with you?

Every time someone works with you or buys your product they are going to GET some really amazing things out of it. And YOU might know intimately what it looks like at the end of client transformations but the person you’re selling to doesn’t know yet!

Get really specific here so that your person knows that they are the perfect fit, you want them to know the incredible outcome of working with you WAY before they know the details of how your program works.

I’m going to share an example for each question to help get your creative juices flowing. Here are examples of how i answer these questions for my program called Your Most Profitable Quarter Yet

👉 Example: By the end of this program, you’ll have a crystal clear plan of action so you know the exact next steps you need to take in order to create your most profitable quarter yet.

👉 Example: MPQ teaches you the strategies of high earning entrepreneurs so you can grow your email list and make more money.


✅ question two: what is your ideal client afraid they’ll have to do in order to get their amazing outcome?

For this question, I want you to make a giant list of all the things your ideal client doesn’t want to do in order to get their outcome. This way when you’re selling, you can make it clear that they CAN have their outcome without doing the things they don’t want to do.

Sometimes we’re so deep into our own programs that we forget that these are huge selling features and I want you to cash in on this!

👉 Example: Something my ideal client doesn’t want to do is run fb ads.
In MPQ, I’m going to teach you how to
grow your email list WITHOUT using facebook ads.

👉 Example: They’re worried they’ll have to follow a strict schedule.
In all my sales copy, I make sure to mention that they can still have a clear plan of action
WITHOUT being locked into a strict schedule.

You’re going to get ____ this result (q1) ____

without having to do ___this annoying thing (q2)____


✅ question three: what are the reasons your ideal client thinks they ‘cant’?

⚠️ Disclaimer: we are NOT using fear based selling here (not my jam) BUUUUT you DO need to understand the pain your ideal client might have right now so that you can accurately describe the problems you’re gonna solve.

Think about this like you’re a doctor. If you go to a doctor and explain that you’re feeling sick. the doctor will ask you specific questions (like: do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, are you experiencing headaches, etc.). If the answer to those questions is YES, and the doctor already knows your pain points, you instantly trust him more to help you.

Be the doctor in this case and figure out the reasons or insecurities your ideal client has that make them think they can’t have the desired outcome OR makes them think that they won’t be able to work with you.

👉 Example: My ideal clients are QUEENS of procrastination and they don’t believe they can accomplish all of this amazing stuff in 1 quarter. When I bring this up during sales, I let her know that I understand her and that I’ve created solutions so that procrastination won’t stand in her way.

👉 Example: My clients are dreamers and free spirits and they want to spend their time in the big ideas and NOT in the details of being productive. I address this in all my sales copy and say, this program is BUILT for people with big ideas but have trouble turning them into plans of action.

See how using this IN your sales strategy prevents you from having to “overcome objections”? This allows you to anticipate your ideal clients needs, leaves them feeling understood and supported and THAT MUCH more likely to give you a “yes” if you two really are a good fit!

Feminist Business 101: You can let your leads COME TO YOU instead of chasing after them. This is the magnetic feminine way of growing your business – where you get to create and your perfect clients are attracted to you (it’s a lot sexier too).

question four: what is your ideal client’s current struggle? what keeps them up at night?

You need to deeply understand this, and have enough empathy for these things to let your client know that their struggles are OKAY and that you’re going to work through them together. The more specific you get the more credibility you have.

👉 Example: They’re constantly overwhelmed. They didn’t quit their job to become an entrepreneur and feel like this.

👉 Example: They aren’t actually bringing all of their big goals to life. They might lay in bed at night and think, “i have all these amazing ideas and I keep writing them in my journal or telling everyone I’m going to do them but never actually bring them to life.”

That’s where I get to say, HEY, it’s the people like you – who have those epic dreams and goals, that I want to work with and help bring those to life by giving them a crystal clear plan of action..

Let them know that you understand their feelings, either from experiencing this yourself or by working with people who have overcome these exact same things.


✔️ What are the amazing OUTCOMES that someone will get after they work with you?

✔️ What is your ideal client scared that they have to do in order to get their amazing outcome (tell them they can have the result WITHOUT doing this)?

✔️ What are the reasons your ideal client thinks they CAN’T (their insecurities)?

✔️ What is your ideal client’s current struggle? What keeps them up at night?

Once you know the answers to all four questions your options are endless you can use them in sales sentences like this:

How to get ___ q1____ without ______q2 _____ even if _____q3_____

👉 Example: How to have epic list growth without running facebook ads even if you’re the queen of procrastination.

👉 Example: How to have a crystal clear plan of action and have your most profitable quarter yet WITHOUT a strict schedule even if you’re a free spirit who can never stick to a plan.

Keep rolling with this exercise and write 10 or 20 sentences that you can use while you’re on webinars, writing sales copy, doing a sales call, etc.

🤎 bonus step one: clear your own blocks:

I understand that this can be really tough, especially if you’re a 1:1 service provider (and you’re kind of selling yourself). Spend some time clearing and journaling on your own blocks so you can get really confident talking about what you help people with.

🤎 bonus step two: get on the phone with people and get the answers to these if you don’t know them intimately:

The more you get to know people and talk to them about what’s holding them back, the better you’ll understand the common themes. The answers to these questions are the key to selling like a boss, so don’t waste any time! If you’re not 100% clear on any of these questions, find your ideal client and chat with them until you uncover the answers.

🤎 bonus step three: cut the cord.

last step: remove all of your expectations and try not to be “needy” about making the sale lol. People can FEEL when someone is desperate. When you understand their needs and truly value your own service, release the all expectation and trust that you’ve done the work.

Okay, so I KNOW that this was a lot of information but this is going to completely change the way you handle sales from now on! Grab the workbook and take some time going through the questions and you’ll be attracting your ideal client to you by friday.