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The Big Four

My daily non-negotiables for 10k months

Ever wonder how it seems like some entrepreneurs never leave the beach but somehow continue to make sales? That’s because they’re doing their non-negotiables.  

  • Distilled daily business habits of high earners & high achievers 
  • The only 4 essential tasks you MUST complete daily even if you’re lazy af 
  • What the #1 focus needs to be for ANY new entrepreneur 
  • Plus: exactly how to put them into action IMMEDIATELY.

Get your hands on the (not so secret anymore) formula that influencers, and ambitious earners are using.


Book a Business Audit with our Growth Specialist

Here’s what we’ll do together:

  • Step 1: we’ll take a thorough deep dive into the inner workings of your online business in order to understand your business model, current strategies, numbers, website operations etc.
  • Step 2: From there, we’ll identify any gaps in your business systems that could be preventing you from hitting your goals.
  • Step 3: we’ll assess your business in the 4 key areas that we see have the highest payoff for growing and scaling an online business.
  • Step 4: you’ll leave with a completed scorecard with simple suggestions to get MORE for your current efforts, a custom roadmap for growth in the next 3 months, PLUS personalised projections for your revenue and marketing goals.

Online BizTracking Suite

to organise your entire business

Exactly what we use to track, manage, and project the most important data in our online business. Sales, Operations, Marketing, and Growth metrics all in one place.

You’ll get access to our:

  • Marketing Performance Spreadsheet for tracking and assessing ROI 💸 across social and email marketing platforms.
  • Asset Tracker 💻 generate and track deliberate content & offers that lead buyers naturally through your product suite.
  • Revenue Projection & Lead Calculator 📈 to forecast exactly how many leads, sales calls, and/or webinar registrants you need to hit your profit goals.
  • Project Planner And Timeline Generator 📆 - Break your biggest projects into actionable, daily tasks with projected deadlines.

Steal My Lazy Girl's Launch Checklist

Inside you’ll find: 

  • My exact launch checklist and timeline to prepare for, plan and execute a successful launch without burning out ✔️✔️✔️
  • A week-by-week breakdown of how I move from idea to sales even if you “hate selling” 💵
  • The 4 KEY AREAS to focus on month by month 📅

PLUS: a peek into how I ensure I make sales on launch day 📈

  • 5 steps to getting more done in less time 
  •  Simple productivity strategy to help you screw overwhelm

PLUS: How to spend more time in your zone of genius so you can make a bigger impact (and more money) 🤑

List Forecasting Formula

Your guide to a super simple profit formula without ever needing a calculator!

  • Stop feeling like you don’t know how the eff to actually hit that BOSS status 20k/month goal (or whatever $$ your heart/ wallet desires) 
  • Know EXACTLY how many people to grow your list by to hit your income goal  
  • Learn how to determine your conversion rates without having to do any fancy math. 
  • Know the SPECIFIC amount of sales calls you need in your calendar to hit your income goal so you can stop panicking, and use your free time for more #bossbehaviour

* SIDE EFFECT: You might actually find out you’re playing too small. It’s so easy to hit those numbers, you’ll think about going BIGGER.

4 Steps to Planning Your Most Profitable Months

the step by step guide to planning wildly profitable months...

Exactly what we use to track, manage, and project the most important data in our online business. Sales, Operations, Marketing, and Growth metrics all in one place.


  • The only 4 things you need to plan MONTHLY to increase your income & scale your business. 
  • The simple formulas you need to know in order to TRULY grow your email list, influence and impact.
  • How to plan your community growth and use social media to ACTUALLY make you money (without getting sucked into the scroll).
  • How to free up hours in your biz every month, without hiring a VA
  • The foolproof way to make hitting your goals (almost) effortless so you can spend more time creating and less time worrying about your bank account.

Full Year Plan

The ultimate workbook to outline your entire year in business.


  • Questions to help you craft an intentional, big picture new year vision.  
  • An action plan template so you can get CLEAR on your quarterly, monthly and weekly objectives for the entire year. 
  • My stupid-simple method for taking one GIANT goal + creating simple daily action steps to achieve it.
  • The ONE question you need to ask to get MORE satisfaction from your business next year.
  • The 4 most important areas to focus on next year to earn you your highest profits yet.
  • The radical tool you need to prevent you from ever doing tasks that drain your energy. 

The Art of Selling

Selling can be easy, you just need to know the answers to some core questions so that you can talk about your offer endlessly without ever feeling pushy or sleazy.

  • This workbook dives deep into the critical questions you must answer to get CLEAR on your new sales strategy
  • Use these answers to apply the PSYCHOLOGY of sales to your client attraction process

The Profit Systems
4 Systems And Workflows Every (productive) Online Business Needs

  • The four PROFIT-GENERATING systems I recommend for every online business. 📈
  • The 🔑 questions to ask yourself when things just aren’t working.
  • My ride or die operations system that GUARANTEES I hit my biggest goals month after month without sacrificing my freedom. 🤑
  • Plus, the only WORKFLOW you need to have dream clients think 👀 “damn, this girl is everywhere right now.” 

How I Turn One Video Into 111 Pieces Of Content Every Week
Plus, how I post 55x per week on autopilot
(aka without ever opening my computer)


  • The PRODUCTIVE WAY to leverage your time while still “being everywhere on social” (say goodbye to being glued to your phone and hello to TIME FREEDOM BABY)
  • My 10 step method to turn one video into 111 pieces of content each week 📈
  • Plus, I’ll show you how we set up an ♻️ automated content recycling plan ♻️  that allows us to post 55 times per week completely on autopilot (aka without ever opening my computer)

Exactly How To Design Your Weekly Schedule
& become the most productive entrepreneur

(even if you’re the queen of procrastination)


  • The step by step process I take every one of my clients through to create their MOST PRODUCTIVE WORK WEEK (yes, even if you're allergic to structure) 
  • How to finally put an end to (anxiety inducing) procrastination on your never ending to-do list
  • How to create a PRODUCTIVE CALENDAR and schedule your unique "Perfect Day" so you can get more done in less time as you create momentum in your business week after week.
  • How to get the head space & time in your schedule to not only conquer the day to day tasks, but also to FOCUS ON YOUR NEXT BIG DREAM! This is what defines true progress
  • PLUS a few of my top productivity hacks that keep focused and fiery all day (even when I’m feeling lazy af) 

How To Work 4 Days A Week & Make $10k Per Month Online

In just 23 mins, here’s what we cover:

  • How to go from BEGINNER to making $10k per month 💵
  • What to do each week 📅 (hourly breakdown for a 30hr week)
  • The EXACT systems that ran my business FOR ME when I was away from my desk for 8 weeks (trust me, only the strong systems survived) 📈